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Newsletter: Trump supporters flood TikTok with civil war videos

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Andrew Wyrich


Posted on Aug 16, 2022   Updated on Aug 17, 2022, 7:48 am CDT

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Hello fellow citizens of the internet! Andrew here. Welcome to today’s edition of web_crawlr

We’ve got a lot lined up for you today. Our top stories include reports about a viral video where a creator said she stalked her date on LinkedIn and got caught, a rise in Trump supporters flooding TikTok with threats of civil war, a review of A League of Their Own, and the FTC taking a step to tackle data privacy

Plus, our IRL Reporter Tricia has her weekly “Problematic on TikTok” column where she breaks down a homophobic trend on the platform. 

That’s quite a bit! Let’s get to it. See you tomorrow! 

— A.W. 

⚡ Today’s top stories

Creator says her date could tell she stalked his LinkedIn profile—despite viewing it on private with a premium membership

In a viral video posted Aug. 3, a creator says she was caught red-handed snooping on her date on LinkedIn


Trump supporters flood TikTok with threats of civil war

Trump supporters are flooding TikTok with videos about civil war in response to numerous political issues including the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago.


‘A League of Their Own’ expands the worldview of the film but can’t always escape its shadow

Abbi Jacobson and D’Arcy Carden star in this new take on the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League.


Digital rights groups applaud FTC for finally taking a step to protect data privacy rights

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued an Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPR) for potential new rules on commercial surveillance and data security


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😬 Problematic on TikTok

By Tricia Crimmins

man on couch with caption 'wait I'm confused this was funny if you used the sound correctly. But now y'all are just calling things gay... I feel like I'm in 6th grade again'

Queer TikTokers react to new homophobic TikTok trend that uses popular song

In each edition of web_crawlr we have exclusive original content every day. On Tuesdays our IRL Reporter Tricia Crimmins breaks down the trends on the popular app that will make you cringe in her “Problematic on TikTok” column.  If you want to read columns like this before everyone else, subscribe to web_crawlr to get your daily scoop of internet culture delivered straight to you inbox.

🕸️ Crawling the web

Here is what else is happening across the ‘net.

🚗 A young woman’s videos alleging that her Uber driver tried to scam her out of a $150 cleaning fee have drawn attention on TikTok, with more than 2.7 million people viewing the videos. 

🍽️ A worker allegedly lied to her manager and called out of work so she could finish her meal at Chili’s

💼 In a video with more than 1.2 million views, a creator says that she attended four job interviews in one day—and got hired in every single one

💫 Get your fix for all things wizardry with the best magic movies that aren’t Fantastic Beasts.

🔔 A TikToker’s video sharing how she heard a Microsoft Teams “ping” after her workday was supposed to be over has gone viral, with commenters relating to it

 ☀️ Welp. A TikToker says their Macbook keyboard melted after just a few minutes of working in the sun. 

☕ A Starbucks worker went viral for flaming customers who stare at her while she is making their drink. 

🥝 Independent music producers shared the highs and lows of posting on TikTok. If you want more stories like this, subscribe to the Passionfruit newsletter.

🔍 Telegram is supercharging conspiracy theories across the planet.

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👋 Before you go

A video purporting to show a remote employee setting up a green screen while at the beach has gone viral, sparking a debate about workplace culture. The footage has been viewed more than 1.3 million times and shows an individual at the beach apparently setting up their work office

Man at beach setting up greenscreen background caption 'Spotted :a fellow remote 'worker' setting up his 'office' green screen for the day' (l) Man at beach setting up greenscreen background caption 'Spotted :a fellow remote 'worker' setting up his 'office' green screen for the day' (c) Man at beach setting up greenscreen background caption 'Spotted :a fellow remote 'worker' setting up his 'office' green screen for the day' (r)

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*First Published: Aug 16, 2022, 12:00 pm CDT