best outdoor halloween decorations inflatable skull, ghosts, and string lights for a house


The best outdoor Halloween decorations to blow your neighbors out of the water

Show your neighbors who has the spookiest house on the block with this year's best outdoor Halloween decorations.


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Posted on Oct 6, 2021   Updated on Oct 18, 2021, 9:09 pm CDT

Spooky season (SZN to the kids) is upon us, so bring on the pumpkins, mini candy bars, and over-the-top decorations because Halloween time is about going big or going home! With a year’s break from trick-or-treaters, it’s time to dust off the old Halloween decor box and add in some new treasures. 

This is your chance to transform your home and have the best-dressed house on the block. Enjoy our guide to the best outdoor Halloween decorations available.

What can you really do with Halloween decor? 

Outdoor Halloween decorations are a chance to express yourself to your neighbors. This is a season of ghosts and ghouls to be sure, but it’s also a celebration of Fall and personal joy. Decorate your home to match your personal style. 

Whether that means a few simple spiders and a jack o’lantern or a full recreation of the zombie apocalypse from Dawn of the Dead is up to you. One simple solution for Halloween fans of all stripes are inflatables. These colorful decorations quickly add a high production flair to without hours of setting up. 

Similarly, just adding a string of festive lights, cobwebs, or tinsel around your windows can kick start the Halloween spirit. Mix things up and let your creativity fly. Get a few big budget show stoppers for the yard and then make a cardboard tombstone with your sweetie. You can always save the homemade stuff for next season if it needs work.

1) The best outdoor Halloween creepy crawlies: Cocopa 2PCS Halloween Spiders Decorations

Two large spider decorations sitting on huge spider web

These larger-than-life creepy crawlies are sure to spook even the most seasoned trick-or-treaters. At six and a half feet wide, these spiders will frame your larger centerpieces with ease. 

The bodies are made of soft faux-fur, complete with scary red eyes and flexible legs for posing. No need to worry about the elements, as this pair holds up to wind, rain, and any other bad weather. 

The web addition is large enough to accommodate both spiders, and attach to whatever sturdy anchors you may have in your surroundings. 

Price: $37.99

2) The best affordable and inflatable outdoor halloween decoration: Halloween Inflatable Outdoor Ghost Tree with Pumpkin

Best outddor hallpween decoration with huge inflatable ghost tree holding pumpkins

When you want to step on the wow factor without shelling out the big bucks, this inflatable outdoor ghost tree is the perfect way to go. Perhaps one of the best products out there for its quality and affordability, this inflatable decoration marries a great design and excellent craftsmanship with a low price. 

As it says in the product description, “The Band of Ghosts and Dead Tree inflatable is made of high-strength waterproof polyester, which holds against rips and tears and the excellent stitching improves the durability of the inflatable decoration.”

This eight-foot-tall inflatable arrives with its own powerful blower to provide continuous airflow. It’s the perfect solution to spook up your outdoor space this Halloween season.

Price: $49.99

3) The best voice control outdoor halloween decoration: Light up Witches with Voice Control

Three light up witches in black gowns and pointy hats gather around a bubbling caldron

A Halloween lawn with three witches standing around a boiling cauldron is scary, but you know what’s even scarier? A lawn with three witches who can talk! These light-up witches will have any daring passerby shaking in their costume. 

These witches all stand at a terrifying height of five feet four inches as they hold hands. Each of their heads glows in the dark and changes color in time. Thanks to the waterproof cloth covering the head and bodies of these spooky witches, you can be sure that the light won’t malfunction. 

Price: $68.99

4) The best outdoor halloween string lights: Halloween Curtain String Light

orange and purple string lights dazzle as the best outdoor halloween decoration

Cast your home in a Halloween glow with these orange and purple curtain string lights. Whoever said string lights were made for Christmas clearly had the wrong idea. These ice string lights have eight different flashing modes so you can surprise passersby all night long. 

These 132-feet-long lights are all waterproof and have a heavy structure, ready to battle any kind of harsh weather. It is important to note, however, that the plug is not waterproof, so protecting it from the elements is essential to their longevity. 

For those concerned about their electrical bill during the Halloween season, you’ll have peace of mind once you employ the timer function. Set the length of time desired for the lights to be on and off, and enjoy the show. 

Price: $109.99

5) The best Halloween house decorations: Haunted House Archway Decoration

the best outdoor halloween decoration might be this inflatable haunted house with ghosts and pumpkins

Utilize your house’s entrance by creating a grand entrance with this haunted house archway. Trick-or-treaters are sure to be impressed after walking up to, and under, this inflatable archway. 

At nine-feet tall, this archway comes with a few more bells and whistles up its sleeve. Built-in LED lights make for an eye-catching display, highlighting the tall points of the castle, its floating lanterns, and the evil pumpkin face begging entry. 

Price: $109.95

6) The best Halloween yard displays: Inflatable Halloween Clown Arch Yard Decoration

Enter the inflatable clown mouth with pointy teeth looking to scratch

The best way to impress your neighbors is by blowing up the biggest and scariest clown entrance the block has ever seen. This grand archway stands at an impressive ten feet tall when fully inflated. Its massive mouth beckons in all who dare enter, and its huge teeth will get anyone’s adrenaline pumping as they walk by. 

Thanks to the bright LED lights located inside, you’re sure to be enveloped in a vision of clown foolery that’ll stay with you the whole Halloween season

Price: $159.99

7) Best Disney outdoor Halloween decoration: Jack Skellington Inflatable Archway 

Jack skellington inflatable archway with claws for hands as the best outdoor halloween decoration

Lovers of The Nightmare Before Christmas movie will have a field day with this Jack-Skellington-themed archway. It’s the perfect homage to the timeless classic, and the pumpkin king himself. 

Standing at 13.5 feet, this archway can frame most entrances perfectly. Jack Skellington’s face beckons with its usual spooky smile and curved brow. The arches end in a bang as Jack’s hands claw up, ready to snatch the candy out from anyone who dares enter. 

Complete with LED lights, an air blower, and a weatherproof design, this archway is the perfect addition to any yard come Halloween time. 

Price: $280

8) The best outdoor inflatable bundle: Grim Reaper Pumpkin Carriage and Inflatable Haunted House Blowup

Huge inflatable pumpkin carrage being pulled by a horse and a huge inflatable haunted house with two ghosts

This party bundle is for the true Halloween aficionado who wants to impress. This jumbo set would be an ideal background to your next big Halloween bash. It would even be a welcomed staple year after year. 

Standing at eight-and-a-half-feet tall, the inflatable haunted house is a sight to behold. Complete with a scary tree, ghost on a grave, and carved pumpkin on one side, as well as a spooky skeleton on the other, the decor alone is sure to give any onlooker pause. The covered opening to the inside of the inflatable is the perfect hiding spot to elicit a surprised shout from even the most hardened trick-or-treater. 

The second half of the bundle includes the 11.5-foot long grim reaper pumpkin carriage. A frightening masked grim reaper leads the horse-drawn pumpkin carriage to his next destination, as the whole inflatable is lit with LED lights from within. 

No need to worry about securing an air blower, or any extras to keep the inflatables in place, as everything comes included. If you want to make an impact with as little effort as possible, this inflatable bundle is the best way to go. 

Price: $419.98

9) The best outdoor halloween decoration to blow your neighbors away: Inflatable Movie Screen with Outside Projection

24 foot outdoor inflatable projection screen for the best outdoor halloween decoration

If you really want your yard to be the talk of the neighborhood, you have to think outside the box. This inflatable movie screen is the perfect outdoor addition to cement your yard as the best of the best. Simply set up the screen and start projecting all your Halloween favorites!

Standing at 13.2-feet high and 20-feet wide, your projection will be seen far and wide. The base has been designed to support the screen while allowing for both front and back projection. The screen itself is seamless, for high-quality video on both sides, and is attached with velcro. 

It’s important to note that this inflatable screen does not come with a projector. Also, it must be plugged in to maintain inflation. However, an air blower is included, and set up is easy as pumpkin pie. 

Price: $349.00

10) Best spiderwebs for Halloween: 1400 square feet of Halloween Cobwebs 

bush covered in fake spider webs and hundreds of fake spiders

Nothing fills empty space in a Halloween display like a giant nest of spiderwebs. This incredible set delivers over 1400 square feet of twisting nightmarish webs for transforming your yard from frightfully dull to terrifying in no time. 

Even better, this easy-to-stretch webbing allows you to customize the designs to meet your specific news. Do you want thick dense webs that trap all who dare enter? Go for it. Would you like a web that casts a thin layer over all who pass by? Simply pull the strands apart to reach your ideal thinness. 

Best of all, these webs are durable. You can use them year after year, provided they don’t catch too many leaves. 

Price: $16.49

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