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Thoughtful Father’s Day gifts your pops actually wants

Because dad already has enough ties.


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Posted on May 29, 2018   Updated on May 21, 2021, 2:46 pm CDT

Your dad is nearly impossible to buy for. We know this dilemma. This Father’s Day, don’t just get him another pair of khakis or a lousy drill bit set. Dad deserves a gift with a little more thought put into it.

Yes, he’s complicated. Yes, he sustains on craft beer and Pawn Stars reruns. But we’ve curated a solid list of gifts that will put a smile on even the most difficult fathers. These gifts will make dad happier than a World War II documentary or a problematic joke ever could.

Thoughtful Father’s Day gifts you can find online

1) Masterbuilt portable gas smoker

Cooking food with smoke is an ancient manly tradition for a reason: it tastes very, very good. Problem is, it’s nearly impossible to do right. Even if your pops isn’t a pit master, he’ll be able to make piles of ribs, pulled pork, and brisket with this little beast. It uses any old propane cylinder for its 5,000 BTU burner and makes smoking tons of meat effortless. And because it’s portable, it’s perfect for tailgating, camping, and summer party destinations.

Price: $106+


2) Sulwhasoo’s Clarifying Mud Mask

fathers day gifts

It’s 2019: great skin care options aren’t just for ladies anymore. This mud mask by the Korean skincare company, Sulwhasoo, purifies and clarifies dull skin, while removing dead skin cells and other junk from pores to promote clearer, smoother skin. Dad’s pores will get deep cleansing, giving him that healthy, youthful look. Don’t be surprised if people start confusing him as your brother.

Price: $22


3) Adidas Originals Men’s Cosmic 2 running shoes

fathers day gifts

With Father’s Day and the July 4th right around the corner, this summer will be full of opportunities for dad to be totally bacchanalian. Help him stay healthy after the onslaught of beer and grilled meats the holidays bring with a great pair of running shoes. Superior cushioning make this pair so cozy, dad will actually look forward to his daily workouts. The upper mesh is built with breathability in mind, which is perfect for humid summer days–these sneaks weren’t awarded 4.5 stars on Amazon for no reason! 

Price: $35+ (varies by size)


4) Audio-Technica SonicFuel Bluetooth headphones

fathers day gifts

Yes, even dad loves rocking out. After all, the genre of Dad Rock (think Steely Dan, Yes, and King Crimson) puts fidelity first. These wireless headphones pump out those crisp highs and rich bass that take pops back to the jukebox days. Dad can even adjust the levels straight from the right earcup. Better yet, dad can blast out his favorite tunes for up to 30 hours on one single charge. That’s a lot of guitar solos!

Price: $73.04 (regularly $119)


5) 1-800-Flowers gift baskets

Who says gift baskets can’t be manly? 1-800-Flowers doesn’t just handle chocolates and roses. There’s a swath of manly gift basket options to put a smile on your pop’s face, from pub snacks to meats and cheeses and even fresh fruit. If dad’s got a sweet tooth, there are cookies, cheesecake, and even some of that chocolate I was smack talking earlier. Whatever his tastes, 1-800-Flowers has unique gift options for even the pickiest pops.

Price: $12+


6) Fizzics Waytap beer dispenser

If dad is a total barfly, this gadget is a godsend. Die-hard beer fans love a freshly pulled brew straight from the tap. Fizzics Waytap takes any beer bottle or can from dad’s stash and dispenses it into a chilled glass with foam so thick they can stand on it. Sound waves convert beer’s natural carbonation into compacted microbubbles, giving every beer that delectable head. It works great on everything from pilsners to IPAs without the need for C02 cartridges.

Price: $129.99


7) Woodies walnut wood Wayfarer sunglasses

Dad typically tries to be cool, and more than likely fails. It may be because of the tacky wrap-around sunglasses he bought in 1993. Upgrade him to a modern pair of sunglasses that won’t make him look like a total goober. These wood-framed Wayfarers not only look sleek but offer the UVA protection you need. They even come with a lovely carrying case.

Price: $28 (regularly $30)


8) Rosetta Stone

Help the world traveler in your life learn a new language before they embark on their next vacation. Because Rosetta Stone and its companion app are available on every device from computers to smartphones, the lucky recipient of your Rosetta Stone gift will be able to polish their Italian anywhere, from their bedroom or a scenic Tuscan villa. It’s no surprise that over 12,000 corporations, 9,000 non-profit organizations, and 22,000 educational institutions worldwide count on Rosetta Stone when it comes to dishing out language know-how. Beginning courses take as little as 120 hours to master, on average. New students can choose from one of 25 languages and finally become bilingual in 3, 6, 12 and 24-month subscriptions. Eager learners can take full advantage of live coaches and speech recognition technology to make the experience as smooth as ever. From now until June 5, you can gain instant access for less than $7 a month

Price: Varies


9) Nutri Ninja Pro Blender

For all the posturing dads do, they actually love smoothies. Who doesn’t? And there’s no better personal smoothie maker than this Nutri Ninja. Dad can put fresh or frozen fruit straight from the fridge, some ice, juice, or even protein powder in the carafe. The blender then breaks them down to extract all their nutrients. Or you know, he can simply mix up some daiquiris. No judgments. The carafe is also a cup, so it makes cleanup a breeze. It comes with a recipe book so dad can use his fancy new drink machine right out of the box.

Price: $49.93 (regularly $59.99)


10) Alexander Del Rossa cotton robe

In the end, dad wants to do one thing and one thing only: parade about his abode in a robe like an old-timey Lord. As far as cozy bathrobes go, you can’t beat these lightweight woven numbers. Not only do they come pre-shrunk, but they’re cozy enough to wear all day, from the comfort of his bedroom to the front lawn and everywhere in between. There are even two front pockets for snacks, keys, or secrets. It’s available in 13 regal designs.

Price: $37.99 (regularly 42.99)


11) Dude Wipes, starter kit

Dad loves his quiet time in the bathroom. It’s a place of refuge while he does his business. To improve his special time, get him a set of Dude Wipes. These flushable wipes make wiping up a spa experience. Sure, he may poo poo (pun intended) the whole idea of “fancy butt wipes,” but the Vitamin E and aloe coated wipes will make every trip to the toilet that much more luxurious. This kit comes with a 48-pack to keep in the bathroom, plus 30 to-go wipes when dad is pooping in the wild.

Price: $17.98



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*First Published: May 29, 2018, 11:49 am CDT