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10 reasons why you should learn JavaScript today

Get your feet wet in the programming world.


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Posted on Oct 19, 2021

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When it comes to programming, getting started is the hardest part. The best thing to do is build a foundation using the most popular programming language of all: JavaScript. Here’s why.

1.) It’s always expanding

Although JavaScript is one of the older programming languages, there are always new additions and developments to learn. For example, in the last decade, JavaScript has blessed us with additions like Node.js, Angular.js, and Backbone.js, among others.

2.) It’s incredibly versatile

You can do so much with JavaScript, it’s honestly ridiculous. Whether it’s on the server side or the client side, it works on the Internet of Things devices.

Native and cross-platform apps rely on JavaScript to function, as do smart TVs and even music production tools. Calling it versatile is an understatement.

3.) You can build your own games

If you enjoy JavaScript, you can use it to build your own games in your browser, from basic shooting games to immersive experiences like the game 2048.

4.) It’s super easy to learn

Out of all the programming languages, JavaScript takes the cake on easy entry. It’s a plain text language, so the learning curve is small, and there’s no additional downloading and learning.

5.) You can immediately use it

JavaScript comes installed on every modern web browser and you can do all kinds of fun things with it as soon as you learn it. There’s no complex setups or downloading involved — just immediate payoff.

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6.) It’s always in demand

Many industries actively seek out employees with excellent JavaScript skills. You can also score an incredibly high-paying job in many of the top tech companies around the world. If that’s not incentive enough, try this on for size: the average base salary is nearly $100K.

7.) Stop paying for blogging platforms

Rather than using blogging platforms, you can just create your own. JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3 skills can help you host, design, and control your own setup.

8.) You can become a design genius

As an added bonus, with JavaScript, you can learn animation and build exciting user interaction experiences: both excellent skills to impress in the design industry.

9.) Learn to debug; make more money

Diving deeper into the workings of JavaScript will allow you to debug code, and potentially earn even more money by doing so.

In a nutshell, JavaScript is the most popular programming language in the world. No matter how many other languages you learn, you’ll always use it as your foundation.

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*First Published: Oct 19, 2021, 9:09 am CDT