Group Halloween costume ideas including golden girls, despicable me, and super mario bros.


Planning a group Halloween costume? We’ve got the best ideas and where to buy them

Halloween is a time for friendship. Make the most of it with these incredible group costumes.


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Posted on Oct 12, 2021   Updated on Oct 18, 2021, 9:08 pm CDT

Halloween is all about dressing up for free candy – or dancing all night long if you’re over the age of 13. If you’re planning on getting the gang together to show up and out to the most anticipated party of the year, you better do it in style. We’ve sifted through the endless options for group Halloween costumes to find the best and where to buy them.

Whether you and your crew want to throw it back to some old-school movies, or pay tribute to some iconic musical groups let us be your guide.

The best group Halloween costumes for your crew this year   

1) Most iconic trio costume for the old at heart: Golden Girls 

Four women in their twenties and thirties wearing halloween costumes of the Golden Girls

There’s never been a more timeless sitcom than The Golden Girls. This show has been a tried and true source of entertainment for those both young and old. While this can be a fun DIY thrift store ensemble, you can also find fully licensed outfits for each character. For the queen of poise and sarcasm, becoming Dorothy has never been easier with this head-to-toe look.  

For the southern belle looking to tip her hat to the queen of the south, this Blanche costume is sure to fit the bill. Cranky Sophia and innocent Rose are also included in the mix, for an easy and hassle-free winning group costume. 

2) The best pop culture  family costume: Despicable Me 

Group Halloween costumes example Gru from the Despicable Me costume, a large mask of the character from the movie

Get the whole family included with this iconic tribute to one of the best-animated movies of all time. Whoever decides to go with Gru, Agnes, or the Minions will have it easy. Gru’s costume from Amazon has it all: the mask, shirt, pants, and scarf. Agnes will also get off easy with the same full costume available from Amazon, including her jumpsuit and signature ponytail wig. 

There are plenty of choices when it comes to the Minions costumes for both adults and kids. This inflatable Minions costume fits most kids, while this adult costume comes ready for parents.   

Where you’ll have to get really creative are Edith and Margo’s costumes. A bit of piecing together from a couple of different online retailers, and a deep dive into your own closet might prove successful. This crocheted beanie from Etsy is the perfect homage to Edith’s signature look. As for Margo, some trendy glasses, a plaid skirt, and a wool blazer will do the trick. 

3) The scariest indie movie costume ever:  Hereditary 

In Body Image

This one takes some putting together, but the results are seriously scary. Dress up as the infamous brother-sister duo from one of the scariest movies to ever hit the screens, Charlie and Peter. 

To complete Charlie’s look, all you really need is a yellow collared shirt and an orange hoodie.

Peter’s ensemble takes a little more thought to put together. You’ll need some jeans, a brown hoodie, a basic white shirt with a little blood stain, a nose cast, and a crown.

With a little show makeup, you and your partner in crime will be the scariest set at the party.  

4) Best 90s movie costumes for friends:  Clueless 

Dionne and Cher in complimenting plaid suit skirts from Clueless

There’s been plenty of debate surrounding which throwback movie has the best costume design. However, you’ll find cult classic movie Clueless on almost every one of those lists. Cher, the lovely lead lady, is a co-ord queen, and her partner-in-style Dionne practically wrote the rulebook on accessorizing. 

The most iconic outfit from the movie is arguably the duo’s perfectly matched and somehow perfectly mismatched plaid outfits. Thankfully, Amazon has made it easy for you and your bestie to look just as fab as Cher and Dionne with the stunning yellow plaid suit, and the drop-dead gorgeous black-and-white companion.

5) Best group halloween costume for gamers: Mario and Luigi  

Group Halloween costumes - Super Mario costume, a man in blue overalls, with a red shirt, puffy gloves, a red hat with a M on it, and puffy gloves. There is a moustache on his face.

When it comes to video game duos, who’s better than the legendary Mario and Luigi? These two have always got each other’s backs, roaming the Nintendo Universe on their many quests to save Princess Peach. Mario couldn’t dream for a better wingman than Luigi, and if you think you’ve found your own dream wingman, these might be the costumes for you. 

You can choose to take the easy way out with these complete Mario and Luigi costumes from Amazon, or you could piece your own together for a more modern DIY look. You won’t have to go at it on your own, you can still purchase the hats, gloves, and mustaches from Amazon. 

However, you’ll have to come up with the rest on your own. Dig out your gardening overalls and throw on your old primary-colored shirt and you’re good to go.

6) Best prestige TV costume of 2021: White Lotus 

The cast of the white lotus show on HBO

If you haven’t seen The White Lotus on HBO, you’re missing out. Jennifer Coolidge alone is worth the next spot on your binge-watch list. If you have seen it, and just can’t get enough, gather a group of your friends to pay homage to the cast with these DIY Halloween costumes. 

Let’s start with Nicole. This is the girl-boss mom that has it all together until she doesn’t, and isn’t too hard to replicate. This striped jumpsuit and floppy beach hat from Amazon get you a long way to the finish line. Just top off this look with your best spacious mom handbag, and simple white sandals for an unmistakable Nicole look. 

Quinn, the awkward son who finds his purpose with the natives of Hawaii, also has an easily achievable look. A simple navy blue polo, khaki shorts, and striking red socks will get you the carefree, mom-picked look Quinn seems to sport. Pair this outfit with some classic white slip-on Vans and you’re golden. 

Shane, our favorite male to hate, has a pretty straightforward approach to clothing. Think frat boy in his natural habitat. For this look, all you’ll need is a bright green polo shirt and some regular blue board shorts. Brown boat shoes and generic black shades will take it to the next level. 

Rachel, Shanes’ unlucky partner, is a little trickier to perfect, although her look is still pretty straightforward. You’ll need a pink floral blouse, matching chino shorts, and a smart brown belt. A pair of pink sandals and a bright blue carry-all bag is a plus. 

Lastly, comes the queen of the court. Tanya McQuoid has so many drop-dead looks in this series but, like all the other characters, we’ll stick with the poster outfit. To channel this chaotic neutral, you’ll need to break out the old kimono. 

This kimono’s take on florals isn’t the exact match to Tanya’s, but it’s right up that style alley. With a deep purple dress underneath, you might as well hit up your nearest spa for spiritual rejuvenation. 

Best group Halloween costumes - Squid Game costumes featuring turquoise jumpsuits with numbers on them

Squid Game just dropped on Netflix but it already has a cult following. While millions of people wait eagerly by their monitors for any mention of season two, take a different route. Instead, show up to their Halloween party in style and snag the best group Halloween costume prize. Thanks to a couple of quick thinkers, you can purchase a few different outfits from the show and have them delivered in time for Halloween.

If you want to show up as a player in the game, you can choose between player 456, player 067, or player 001. Personally, I love that old man no matter what role he played in the show, so 001 might be the one for me.

If you feel like you wanna walk on the dark side, you can ditch the player outfits and go rogue with the staff costumes. Show up as a triangle, square, or circle staff member and pair it with your brightest red painter’s jumpsuit. Don’t want to bother with the low-hanging fruit? Head straight for the boss mask, and pair it with your classiest grey hooded trench. 

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