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January birthstone gifts: The best garnet jewelry for you or your special someone

Calling all January babies and the people who love them, it's time to learn about your birth stone.


Beck Diaz

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Posted on Jan 5, 2022

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but they aren’t the only gemstone worth having. If you’ve been wanting to shop around for some jewels, your birthstone may be the best place to start. Luckily, we’ve rounded up some of the best January birthstone gifts for you or a lucky special someone. This month? We’re taking a look at some of the best garnet jewelry around.

What is birthstone jewelry?

Birthstones are beautiful gemstones typically given on special occasions, but they also make stunning gifts for any moment in time. The tradition of birthstones has been traced back as far as the first century AD, when Christian scholars noticed the correlation between the Breastplate of Aaron, twelve months of the year, and twelve signs of the Zodiac. 

However, it wasn’t until the 18th century that birthstones began to be assigned to birth months, beginning in Poland. In 1912, the modern-day list of birthstones was defined and has remained unchanged. 

Each birthstone is said to possess specific abilities in healing, protection, and even good fortune. While modern science currently reigns supreme, there are many individuals and even scholars that believe that wearing a birthstone during its month will award the wearer with its full benefit. 

What’s your birthstone and what does it mean? 

Each month of the year corresponds to a different birthstone and each birthstone contains different abilities. Read ahead to learn more about yours.

January – Garnet 

Garnet is the birthstone of January. It is also the stone associated with the Capricorn zodiac sign. Said to symbolize love and friendship, this fiery red stone is one of the oldest stones used for spiritual protection. Associated with passion, love, and inner life force, these gemstones were historically exchanged between friends or lovers to offer protection before embarking on a journey. 

For those looking to acquire the best of the best, the rarest of all Garnet stones is the Demantoid stone. As well, a vivid green garnet over one karat is said to be the most valuable and almost as rare. 

Naturally, garnet jewelry is one of the best ways to gift this eye-catching birthstone. It’s time to dive into some of the best January birthstone jewelry around.

Best garnet bracelets

1)  Best garnet stone eternity band ring: Natural Garnet Ring

Natural garnet birthstone ring

This gorgeous eternity band can be given as a wedding or anniversary ring but would be well received as a birthday present also. Stun friends and family by sporting this emerald-cut eternity ring with 22 certified AA garnet gemstones all around. It’s the perfect January birthstone jewelry piece for everyday wear.

These 100% conflict-free gemstones shine brilliantly against the solid white-gold prong setting. When you purchase this ring, you can be sure that it’ll be delivered in style with the company’s signature red cushioned box. Feel free to wear it to any occasion, day or night, as the ring comes with a complimentary 180-day warranty.

Price: $837

2) Gorgeous oval cut bracelet: Garnet Bracelet 

Januaru birthstone jewelry bracelet

A silver bracelet is the perfect accessory, but there are ways to elevate it. Take this single-row garnet bracelet for example, inlaid with genuine oval cut gemstones surrounded by durable sterling silver and clear stones. It’s a statement piece for the ages. This piece features 22 natural, non-treated garnet gemstones that will stun any wearer. 

Price: $79.99

3) Dress it up with 18k gold: Cable Classic Bracelet 

Cable birthstone bracelet

This simple cable bracelet from David Yurman is a delicate showstopper perfect for any occasion or outfit. Crafted with a twisting rope of 4mm sterling silver and 18k gold end caps, two garnet stones sit facing each other at each end of the bracelet. The stones have a perfect base to highlight their deep red color and draw the eye ever so subtly. 

Price: $495

4) Slim gemstone bangle: Caviar Icon Beaded Bangle Bracelet

Caviar beaded birthstone bangle

Say thanks to this slim gemstone bangle that will transform your jewelry game and have your wrist shining like never before. Crafted with caviar-like gemstones, this sturdy sterling silver bangle contains over 50 delicate garnet stones. For those who love to shine, purchase more than one to layer on top of each other for a stunning stone show. 

Price: $300 – 330

Best garnet rings

5) Best simulated stones for January birthstone ring: Simulated Diamond Birthstone Band Ring

Simulated gemstone birthstone jewelry

If you’re looking for a January birthstone ring at a decent price and don’t mind compromising natural stones for simulated ones, this is the ring for you. This elegant eternity band crafted out of sterling silver holds alternating shiny, simulated diamonds and garnets stones. It’s the ideal band to represent your January birthstone jewelry on a budget. 

Price: $165

6) Perfectly stackable garnet ring: Birthstone Ring

garnet birthstone jewelry ring

Celebrate yourself, or someone special, with this dainty stacking garnet ring. A beautiful representation of the January birthstone, this ring features one tiny garnet stone held in a delicate pronged setting. With a sterling silver band wrapped in 14K gold, this ring will become a signature piece you, or your special someone, won’t be seen without. 

Price: $48

7) Stone encrusted wraparound ring: Inside Out Ombre Band Ring

inside and out garnet birthstone jewelry.

Take your ring game to a whole other level with this inside out ombre band ring in 18K gold. It’s the only piece of jewelry on this list that features green garnet, and it’s the only ring on this list that’s designed to carry gemstones both inside, and out of its band. With the garnet gemstones set in an ombre design, this ring will be your most breathtaking accessory yet. 

Price: $4,500

Best garnet necklace

8) Best birthstone garnet necklace: Celeste Flower Charm Necklace

Flower charm necklace

Shopping for birthstone jewelry on a budget? This charm necklace combines style, gemstones, and affordability with ease. Three flower charms created with individual garnet stones hang on a 18-karat gold-filled figaro chain. While the charms add elegance, the chain gives the piece a stylish edge, perfect for everyday wear. 

Price: $140

Best garnet earrings

9) Elegant studs for everyday wear: Birthstone Stud Earrings

Garnet birthstone earrings

If you’re on the hunt for some stunning earrings that carry the January birthstone, you’re in luck. These garnet earrings with gold accents are the perfect dainty pieces to complete your look. Framed in 14K gold, and anchored with four stunning gold prongs, these garnet studs will be the stars of the show. 

Price: $330

Best garnet jewelry set

10) Steal-the-show sized stone: Garnet Necklace

Pentagon shaped garnet birthstone jewelry

This beautiful garnet jewelry set features a modern 18-inch chain with a pentagon-shaped garnet gemstone in a claw-setting, and a pair of pentagon-shaped garnet studs. Thanks to the links on the necklace, the chain is easily resizable and the choice of metal – 14k solid rose gold, white gold, or yellow gold – is entirely up to you. 

This gemstone set is certified AAA quality and comes with an SGL Certificate and the total gemstone carats for the three stones comes to 13.5

Price: $2,050

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*First Published: Jan 5, 2022, 2:58 pm CST