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Christmas home decor for the elegant, the chic, and the geek

It’s time to light the lights.


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Tis the season to start unpacking the Christmas home decor! It’s always nice to add something to the collection of yearly holiday memorabilia, but decorating for style can be a little overwhelming. 

Fortunately, internet shopping can remove a lot of the overstimulating bits of Christmas decor shopping. Whether you need your twinkly lights or some stockings all hung in a row, we’ve put together all of our favorite pieces to give you a holly, jolly Christmas this year.

How would you describe your Christmas home decor style?

  • Classic. I like my home to look elegant and lavish for the holiday season.
  • Modern. From minimalist to thrift-store decor, my Christmas is chic.
  • Nostalgic. My holidays are full of classic movies, games, and showing off my jolliest geek swag.
  • Lights. Just lots and lots of Christmas lights.

Elegant Christmas Home Decor

1) Brushed Metal Reindeer Stocking Holders

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Simple and elegant, these weighted stocking holders are a lovely accent piece. These sleek decorations are the perfect complement to a room otherwise full of larger, more detailed pieces.

Each package comes with two gleaming metal hooks. You can order them facing in either or opposite directions, which makes it easy to add more hooks for additional family members.

Price: $37.99

2) Illuminated Stained Glass Christmas Tree

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Few things are as timeless as stained glass. This 16” Christmas tree can add a little light to any end table or desk. Beautifully crafted with a cheerful glow, this tree is Christmas home decor worthy of sharing with loved ones.

Price $199.00

3) Plush Sherpa & Fleece Christmas Blanket

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Did you look at this picture and immediately imagine touching both sides of this soft blanket? Yeah, us too. Spark up a fire and get extra snuggly with this gorgeous 50×60” Christmas throw blanket.

Comfy and classy, this snuggle-wrap is also convenient. It’s machine-washable, and it comes in other colors, too. The red version also makes for a great holiday look, but it’s nondescript enough to be used all year round.

Price: $26.99 (on sale for 47% off)

4) Christmas Carol Wall Decor

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When you’re doing the holiday decorating, don’t forget about your wall space! Christmas wall decor ideas, like this set of carol-canvases, add holiday cheer with minimal storage requirements.

Each canvas is 32”x20”, and includes easy, ready-to-hang features. For those of Christian faith who are decorating for the holiday, these carols might be the perfect touch for your holiday decor.

Price: $64.99

5) Barreled Light-Up Reindeer

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For those with a more rustic take on Christmas home decor, this battery-operated light-up reindeer may be the perfect statement for your yard. And much like other woodland creatures, he’s made to withstand the cold weather.

Price: $129.99

Modern Christmas Home Decor

1) 18” Light-Up Noel Marquee Sign

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This bright and cheerful marquee light measures 8.5”x18”, and fits perfectly on any end table, mantle, or wall. Glowing with warm white light, this battery-operated light comes with a 6-hour timer, so you can leave a light on for Santa without asking him to bring you a pack of batteries.

Price: $24.99

2) Moravian Star Hanging Light or Tree Topper

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There are a lot of things to love about this simple, luminous star. It makes a great tree topper, or just a lovely hanging North star. It’s lightweight and festive, but it’s also multi-seasonal. There’s no need to put it away once the holidays are over, making it ideal Christmas home decor for holiday-lovers with minimal storage space.

Price: $29.95

3) ‘JOY’ Stocking Hooks

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These black-and-white plaid stocking holders add a lovely dash of red to any mantle. A weighted bottom helps these hooks keep your stockings in place, and few things go better with warm, cozy socks than plaid.

Price: $29.99 (on sale for 50% off)

4) Light-Up Birch Trees

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These minimalist lighted trees give off a very chic Yule vibe. The little branches are sturdy enough to hang lightweight ornaments, so one or two of these could make a cute alternative to a Christmas tree in a small space. Plus they’re battery-operated, so your mantle won’t turn into a cord jungle.

Price: $37.99 for a set of 2

5) Holly Berry Stems

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Add a bright burst of holiday color with these holly berry sprigs! Artificial flowers for the holidays can be tricky to store, but these ones are pretty sturdy. Plus, they’re a great way to turn any vase or thrifted jar into holly-jolly Christmas home decor.

Price: $16.99

6) Ivory Pearl & Platinum Glass Tree Topper

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Tree toppers are a great opportunity to make a statement with your Christmas home decor. This star would look perfect in a home decorated with thrift-store opulence. Paired with some sparkling rhinestone ornaments, your tree will glitter and gleam with or without a string of lights wrapped around it.

Price: $29.99

Quirky Christmas Home Decor

1) The Littlest Christmas Tree from A Charlie Brown Christmas

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If you’re like me, you start humming Vince Guaradli tunes the day after Thanksgiving. A Charlie Brown Christmas is an annual viewing in my home, and it may be in yours, too. 

Take your Christmas home decor game from zero to nostalgia with this adorable little tree. It’s great for small spaces, and can even serve as a heartwarming (space-saving) alternative to a giant Christmas tree.

Price: $21.83

2) Frosty the Snowman Geeki Tiki Mug

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There’s a tiki cocktail for every season, and Christmas is no different. This decorative Christmas tiki glass is great for holiday parties or just a special movie night. Add flavor to your holiday festivities with a Mele Kalikimaka cocktail in this adorable Frosty the Snowman glass.

Price: $29.99

3) National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Print

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Spending time with the family over the holidays is always a circus. But sometimes it helps to have a sense of humor. Remind yourself to have a laugh by hanging this Griswold family motto on your wall.

Price: $17.95

4) Star Wars Musical Death Star Tree Topper

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Of course, if you’re really going for the ultimate geek Christmas home decor, there’s only one thing you want to have at the top of your tree…

This Hallmark keepsake lights up and plays the unforgettable Star Wars theme music. You can also purchase matching ornaments that also play quotes from the original trilogy. 

Price $134.95

5) Four Grinchy Pillowcases

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No Christmas is complete without the Grinch, and who better to snuggle with while you watch your favorite holiday cartoons? Swap out your throw pillowcases with these Grinchier ones. Honestly, these are the perfect decor moment for the grumpy person who secretly lives for the holiday season.

Price: $18.99

Best Outdoor Christmas Lights for your House

1) Meteor Shower Lights

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These meteor shower lights are a great way to add some drama to even the most naked of winter trees. The pack comes with 16 tubes, each 14.8” long with a cascading light feature. They’re great for outdoor trees and house sidings – plus, they’re waterproof.

Price: $29.99

2) Star String Lights

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If you were a kid who visited a holiday light park, you probably stopped underneath a giant tree made of lights. Arms stretched out, you then spun around in circles until all the lights blurred together and you fell to the ground.

But now you’re a grown-up – which means you can make your own giant Christmas tree made of lights! With this set of 8-mode string lights, any tree, post, or poll becomes the base for a glittering Christmas tree. 

You’ll be the envy of every adult-child on your block as you spin wildly in your own front lawn. But what is Christmas without the reawakening of your childlike sense of wonderment?

Price: $29.99

3) Bluetooth Speaker Christmas Lights

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Imaging your favorite holiday tunes emanating from your warm, glowing Christmas tree. If your idea of a perfect Christmas invokes an image of holding hands and singing around the tree, these 26ft-long Bluetooth speaker lights may be just the touch you need to set the perfect holiday mood. 

Price: $19.95

4) Kurt Adler WiFi Twinkly Lights

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Customers rave about these app-controlled holiday lights. The app offers downloadable light displays and several customizable options that allow you to create the perfect lighting for any Christmas home decor. 

Suited for both indoor and outdoor use, the package also comes with thorough setup instructions. There’s no need to be a master of Christmas tech to pull off a breathtaking light display. These twinkly lights have got you covered.

Price: $171.06

5) Holiday Laser Light Projector

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Laser lights are a great way to make a big lighting statement without a lot of hassle. If you’re wary of falling off of your roof into a tangled web of string lights, consider a holiday projector. 

With 12 modes for Christmas and Halloween, this is one of the best Christmas light systems for maximum theatrics and minimal drama.

Price: $90.04

6) Texsens Flickering Flame Effect Bulbs

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Firelight feels extra cozy during the holiday season, but casting a perfect flickering glow throughout your home always poses a slight fire risk. There are plenty of lights out there that attempt to capture the flickering effect of firelight, but these bulbs can do it. 

The bulbs also have a gravity induced mode, so the ‘flame’ will reorient itself for any light fixture. A safer alternative to lighting a ton of candles, these bulbs produce the desired effect while saving you tons of money on electricity, too.

Price: $16.99

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