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Aquarius love compatibility: Which signs are an Aquarius’ best (and worst) match?

Can there be harmony for you and an Aquarius? Read on to find out.


Beck Diaz

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Posted on Jul 26, 2021   Updated on Sep 27, 2021, 11:55 pm CDT

Ah, Aquarius: the air sign that’s known for being easygoing and assertive. It’s easy to see why people find them attractive–especially if you dive into an intellectual discourse with one. But if you want to actually see what an Aquarius compatibility looks like with your own sign, read on. It’s info that will come in handy, especially since Aquarius tends to be on the independent side!

Understanding Your Zodiac Compatibility 

When it comes to deciphering the specifics of your sign in love, there are many factors that come into play. You’ll have to take five major things into account. These are the sun, rising, moon, Venus, and Mars signs. These five planets and luminaries will be the keys to deciphering your immediate and lasting compatibility. 

Sun Sign: Your sun sign is based off of the month you were born. It usually determines your ego, identity, and sense of self. This sign is the core of who you are. It also dictates how you express yourself when you’re in the comfort of your own home or at ease in a relationship. 

Rising Sign: Your rising sign, or “ascendant sign”, is determined by the sign of the Zodiac that was rising during the time you were born. This sign is seen as the “mask” or first impression that you present to people. It shows up in the way you carry yourself and interact with others in new situations. 

Moon Sign: The moon sign is determined by the position of the moon at the time of your birth. It represents your moods, emotions, and inner needs and is most connected with your true nature. This sign is seen as your most instinctive nature. It reflects your personality when you’re by yourself and at your most comfortable. 

Venus Sign: Your sign in Venus is determined by the position of the planet at the time of your birth. It dictates your love and affection nature. This sign shows how you express and understand love. It also determines what kind of partner you will be most attracted to. 

Mars Sign: Your sign in Mars is the zodiac sign that the planet Mars was in at the time of your birth and is closely related to your aggression. This sign determines how you deal with anger, power, and assertion, but it is also the planet that represents your sex life. When trying to determine sexual compatibility, your sign in Mars is extremely influential. 

Aquarius as a Sign

The irony of the water-bearer sign is often missed, as many forget that the Aquarius is in fact an air sign, so people make mistakes about Aquarius compatibility quite a bit. You might consider yourself an Aquarius if you’ve ever found yourself ditching your date five minutes in because they asked a personal question. An Aquarius at its core is an intellectual independent with a big heart, but they tend to come off as petty know-it-alls who want to look good at charity. It’s not their fault they rub many signs the wrong way, but when you mix not caring about what people think with confidence in your own actions, misinterpretations are bound to happen. 

Aquarius in love with the signs 

When an Aquarius falls in love, it’s always with the mind first and everything else second.  These intellectuals are only interested in stimulating conversation, spilling a secret or two and maybe seeing it move into the bedroom. If one comes on too strongly, an Aquarius will leave faster than they can say “oh God”. However, if a sign can find the perfect balance between probing and understanding, becoming something of a friend before a lover, the Aquarius compatibility will be high and they will be hard pressed to turn away. When it comes to ultimate compatibility for this airy water-bearer, its fellow air sign, Gemini is there to keep the conversation going, and fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius and Leo fall into perfect harmony with this intellectual air sign. 

Aries & Aquarius

An Aquarius-Aries match is an interesting one. These two signs come together where it matters, but have vast faults to overcome in order to make their relationship work. Support comes easily with these two, as they both have the stamina to follow each other through each new adventure. However, when it comes to connecting emotionally there can be a huge disconnect. Aries’ true nature is that of a passionate (albeit, intense) fire sign. This may not bode well when met with the calm, cool, and flighty air sign Aquarius. Aquarians’ nature can be misinterpreted as a lack of affection which will leave both out in the cold. However, if Aries can bring themselves to understand their Aquarius partner’s aloof and analytical mindset, perhaps this gap can be bridged. If either sign finds themselves in need of emotional caressing, channeling it into a hobby or finding a therapist could be the reset button that fills each of their tanks.

Gemini & Aquarius

While these two signs compliment each other beautifully in many important aspects of their relationship, most often than not, their Aquarius compatibility is not great due to an often shared lack of emotional depth. This means they tend to end up as friends. If that isn’t the outcome either of these signs are looking for, they must seriously evaluate their emotional compatibility, as that is their most lacking aspect when it comes to a healthy and successful relationship. It may seem to them that they understand each other’s emotions perfectly, as they are both free thinkers and independent signs, however, those characteristics could be the exact root of their downfall

In order to make things work romantically, both these signs will need to unlock their deeper passionate aspects in order to keep the other engaged and emotionally fulfilled. As bleak as this may sound, in reality, a pairing of these signs is generally pleasant and full of love. These signs have no problem understanding each other by way of intelligence and communication, often feeding off of each other’s easy ability to converse. Trust comes naturally to these two, as the Aquarius find lying unnecessary and the Gemini wouldn’t stoop so low as to lie and admit to a feeling of restraint in their relationship. They will also find a kindred spirit in their shared activities, as the Aquarius is a trailblazer bright enough to capture the ever changing heart of the Gemini. If these signs can nail down the most important aspect–communication, they will find in each other a partner for life. 

Sagittarius & Aquarius

Overall, this is a sturdy pairing for Aquarius compatibility and one that is most often found when either of these signs need support from a like-minded individual to lean on. When it comes to communication, these signs are matched so beautifully, compensating for one another in their approaches to life. The distant and not easily engaged Aquarius meets the childlike and consistent Sagittarius, and when a topic is found that sparks passion in between the two, discussion and communication is a quickly built bridge that becomes the foundation of their relationship. Their values, although different, come together perfectly and often shine through in their shared but unique approaches to honesty. Thanks to their direct and rational minds, sharing emotions becomes accessible to them, as both the Sagittarius and Aquarius will be speaking a language that they can understand. Often the downfall of this pairing comes from their lack of a need to be intimate. These signs are able to connect on such an emotional and communicative level, that expressing themselves sexually will often be looked over. This double edge sword of expression can make this pairing seem more suited for friendship than romantic love.

Leo & Aquarius

The sun meets its match in lightning with this highly complementary but electrically charged pairing. The attraction felt between Leo and Aquarius is no joke, and when these two strong individuals come together and form a connection, a metamorphosis takes place that cannot be ignored. Both signs will find a way to pull one another from the depths of their emotional fears and deficiencies. Leo’s burning flame might be the only thing strong enough to melt away Aquarius’s cold nature. However, as the layers fall back, a deep understanding can be struck between the two; one of mutual respect for individuality and independence, and a value of companionship and loyalty that might not be found within any other sign. 

Libra & Aquarius

When this pairing gets together, no matter how lovely it might look from the outside in, it is often spelled to end. When it comes to their sex life, Aquarius will have a hard time supporting and coaching its libra partner. As libra feels the need to always distinguish themselves from what the outside world expects of them, they are often a victim of their own making, constantly running around trying to stick it to the public. However, Aquarius’s unbothered mindset of the opinions of other people will help to ground libra and show them what truly matters. This pattern, with one sign holding up different sectors of the shared relationship, continues to show itself in this pair’s way of trust, communication, and emotion. As you can see, someone is bound to get tired of having to carry the weight.

Cancer & Aquarius

In a Cancer/Aquarius match-up, trouble arises from within their intimate and sexual life. This aspect of their relationship can prove to be quite stressful, as both of these signs value sexual intimacy differently. While cancer is fully satisfied by sharing emotions during sex, Aquarius needs a little more action. Cancer is highly emotional and might not be able to understand their partner’s underlying needs, and if left unsolved, could result in a severe gap in intimacy. A similar situation results in these signs differing values. They come from different backgrounds and look for different things from life, which can be a red flag for either sign. When it comes to cultivating trust, which is normally second nature to cancer, with an aggressive partner like Aquarius, the Cancer counterpart can be scared into doubt. The only way this pairing will survive is if both signs succumb to each other’s intricacies and differences. For the Aquarius, taking part in some of Cancer’s favorite at home activities could help their partners’ views on trust. For Cancer, taking part in some of Aquarius’s favorite outdoor or social activities could go a long way. Overall, they will both need to delve a little deeper into each other’s worlds to make the sparks last.

Taurus & Aquarius

This pair is the very definition of “the one that got away”. At every turn of this relationship, the signs differences shine greatly. So greatly in fact, that they rarely get past the point of putting their differences aside to look a bit further at what they both have to offer. Their sex life at first glance completely out of the question, as slow moving tourist meets the ever-changing Aquarius. Chances are that an initial spark won’t even come into question when eclipsed by immediate dislike. Trust is out of the question as these signs do not foster an open environment for honesty. Their base differences could lead them to believe that they have nothing worth communicating to each other, however, at every step of the way, if these signs find it in them to see each others true nature and take that first step into the unknown, they could end up pushing and leaning on each other in all the right ways. 

Virgo & Aquarius

A Virgo/Aquarius pairing works best professionally as that is most often the environment where each sign can appreciate their core selves. In a romantic relationship, their daily lives will prove to be too incongruent to make for good Aquarius compatibility, as there will be no deadlines or guidelines to adhere to (except the ones that Virgo will undoubtedly try to impose). Calling their sex life nonexistent wouldn’t be far off the mark, as the constantly analytical Virgo will only agitate the spontaneous and quick Aquarius. By the same token, their social life will be greatly hindered by the Virgos constant need to plan. They will only anger their Aquarius partner and most likely cause them to venture out on their own.

Scorpio & Aquarius 

This can be a volatile pairing, as both of these signs represent feelings and emotions we avoid. Their relationship can very much feel like a battle ground, with two opposing armies poised to charge at any time. This can be seen in so many areas of their relationship, but it’s especially prevalent in their sex life. Aquarius and Scorpio are seemingly unrelenting and unchanging. If there is not enough flexibility between them, they could end up resenting their boundary-less sex life. Scorpio’s possessive nature will strangle Aquarius in a way that will stifle any chance at trust or emotional vulnerability. The only positive to these signs reveals itself in their abilities to throw caution to the wind. If either of them is looking for a partner to go cliff jumping with, they won’t have to look far.

Capricorn & Aquarius

When it comes to an Aquarius/Capricorn pairing, especially considering their intimacy and emotions, it’s almost like the proverbial turtle and rabbit race. Aquarius is the fast and impatient sign while Capricorn is the slow planner. Together they often find discord in their different approaches to life. When it comes to their intimacy, it will be hard to build a strong enough foundation to carry them through to the end (or even the beginning for that matter). This friction carries over into the way they share emotions. As an earth sign, Capricorn understands emotions brought forward in a tangible way, but paired with the air sign Aquarius, who understands a more spiritual approach to emotions, a discussion will have to be had to come to a consensus. At the end of the day, these two signs trust each other. What they both lack is trust in the success of their relationship. The only way this will work for Aquarius compatibility is if they meet each other in the middle and help each other see what can be.

Aquarius & Aquarius

Maybe the saying “opposites attract” has some flaws, because an Aquarius/Aquarius pairing could be quite lovely. Thanks to their overly free nature, trust is no issue for these signs. They understand each other on a level that is hard to reach. When these two are together, they have pure unadulterated fun no matter what. They feed off of each other’s energy and will often find themselves steadily ticking things off of their bucket list. As these signs are highly intellectual, their lack of a need for sexual intimacy might hurt them. One or the other might find themselves looking for a mate that can bring them down from the clouds. The challenge for an Aquarius/Aquarius pairing will be staying satisfied with their partner. If these signs can learn to stick it out, they’ll have the world at their feet 

Pisces & Aquarius

It’s not easy for this Aquarius/Pisces pairing, but it’s not impossible either. As neighboring signs, they can understand each other to an extent, but their problem will be compromising and reaching a full understanding of each other’s true nature. Pisces’ end goal is to ultimately find their fairytale love, and Aquarius is distant and above it all. If Pisces can’t slow down and wait to see if their Aquarius partner can rise up to the challenge, but there will be no one left to pick up the pieces. In their sex life, if Aquarius has no emotions to bring to the table, or no ability to open up to their counterpart, the Pisces won’t be able to deal with the constant disappointment. The only hope for Aquarius compatibility here is if one can share emotions with their Pisces partner, which will open the way for a deeper connection and understanding between the two.

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