how do you unfriend someone on facebook

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What you need to know before unfriending someone on Facebook

You have more control over your Facebook feed than you might think.

Jun 26, 2017, 9:25 am*


Christina Bonnington 

Christina Bonnington

Alright, you can’t take it anymore. Your friend’s crazy political rants are constant, unending, and really, really annoying. It’s time to do something about it. It’s time to unfriend them.

If you’re not sure how to do that, we’ve got you covered. However, if you’re also not quite sure if you’re ready for the potential backlash of actually unfriending them, there are alternatives you may not be aware of.

You have two main options: You can unfollow them, or you can unfriend them.

How to unfollow someone on Facebook

If you don’t want to fully block or unfriend someone, you just want them out of your feed, there’s good news. You can simply unfollow that person. You’ll still technically be friends: You can visit one another’s profiles, post to one another’s profiles, chat on Messenger. You just will no longer see any of their posts in your feed.

To do this, head to their profile, then tap the “Following” button in the upper right. There, tap the Unfollow option at the bottom of the menu. If you change your mind at some point, you can always come back here and follow the person again.

How to unfollow someone on Facebook



On mobile, head to the person’s profile, tap the “Following” icon, and similarly, select the option to Unfollow. (You can alternatively tap the checked off “Friends” icon and select Unfollow from there.)


How to unfriend someone on Facebook

If, however, your friend has scorned and shamed you, and it’s time to part ways, you can still unfriend them. Head to their profile, and click the checked-off friends menu on the right. At the bottom, select unfriend. Henceforth, the virtual ties that bind the two of you on Facebook will be severed.

how to unfriend someone on Facebook


On your phone, head to their profile, then tap the checked off “Friends” icon. Then, select “Unfriend.”

how do i unfriend someone on facebook

Once you’ve unfriended someone, if at some point you change your mind, you’re going to have to send them a friend request again. However, if you’re confident in your decision (and we’re sure you are), your Facebook feed will be far more pleasant after your pruning.

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*First Published: Jun 27, 2017, 5:00 am