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Twitter users are publicly shaming lawyers working on Trump’s voter fraud claims

Trump’s legal team is seeking to invalidate all votes in Pennsylvania.


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Twitter users are attempting to shame attorneys for President Donald Trump who are falsely arguing in court that widespread voter fraud altered the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

Matthew Segal, a civil rights lawyer with the ACLU, shared the names, emails, and phone numbers of the president’s attorney’s on Tuesday after the legal team requested to have the results in Pennsylvania thrown out.

“Trump has found lawyers willing to ask a federal court to disenfranchise *all* Pennsylvania voters,” Segal tweeted. “I am pasting below their request and their signature block.”

While the cases will almost certainly to be thrown out of court, other Twitter users urged their followers to bombard the attorney’s offices with complaints for their involvement.

“Light up their phones and emails resisters – this election interference is not acceptable in any situation,” @REALaltMiddle said. “We will not tolerate it in our democracy!”

It appears that at least some users have responded to the call to action, informing others on how to contact members of Trump’s legal team.

“Call em up!!” @elainemb212 said.

Trump supporters, convinced of systemic voter fraud, responded to the barrage of tweets by arguing that the call to action represented little more than a harassment campaign.

“The ACLU has become such psychopathic collection of hyperpartisan totalitarian jackboots that they have members openly organizing to stalk and harass lawyers for daring to protect our elections and hold obvious and blatant fraud accountable,” @Haruka_Black1 said.

The legal challenges are part of Trump’s last-ditch effort to save face and to seemingly pay off the campaign’s debt by soliciting donations from supporters. Yet nearly every allegation of voter fraud online has been thoroughly debunked.

It remains uncertain whether any of the legal teams involved in the president’s lawsuits will back out due to the backlash

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