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This robot will cook all your meals for you

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Have we gotten so lazy that having our food delivered directly to our door is a lot easier than going out to eat or even cooking it ourselves? If you ever found yourself wishing “Seamless: No Human” was real then you’ll be excited to hear that receiving your food without any human interaction might be possible, but you’ll have to wait until 2017.

Moley Robotics has developed a robot chef, which by the time it goes on sale will be able to cook you any one of 2,000 meals.

Factor Magazine/YouTube

The robot is comprised of two robotic arms that are attached to a customized kitchen and so far, those hands have already mastered crab bisque. The robot’s arms are programmed to mimic the movements of a professional chef and it’s slightly unsettling how the robot cooks so smoothly. It’s even capable of wiping a spatula on the edge of a pot. Fantastic!

Factor Magazine/YouTube

By the time this robot chef makes its way into consumers’ homes, Moley Robotics hopes that their robot chef will be able to cook any one of 2,000 meals, which can be selected by the user from an app.

Watch the robot chef perform its magic:

Start saving now! As with any fancy kitchen tool. the robot comes at a hefty price, roughly$14,600. If your average Seamless order costs $20 and you find yourself ordering every day, stop. In two years, you’ll have saved up enough money to purchase your own robot chef. However if you’re like us and live off food delivery then that might be a bit difficult.

Screengrab via Factor Magazine/YouTube

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