Activist who confronted Alec Baldwin about Palestine goes off on Piers Morgan in the most 'absurd' interview of his career


Activist who confronted Alec Baldwin about Palestine gives Piers Morgan the most ‘absurd’ interview of his career

'Crackhead Barney' left quite an impression.


Katherine Huggins


Posted on Apr 25, 2024

Performance artist “Crackhead Barney,” who drew a flurry of headlines after filming herself repeatedly demanding Alec Baldwin say “Free Palestine” in a coffee shop, donned a diaper, neck brace, and sling in an interview with Piers Morgan on Wednesday. Morgan described the discussion as “probably the most outrageous, absurd, shocking and ultimately pointless interview” of his entire career.

The off-the-walls segment included the anti-Israel activist, who is known online for her ambush-style interviews and yelling, similarly demanding Morgan say “Free Palestine”—though she offered little opportunity for him to respond.

“What’s wrong with saying Free Palestine?” she asked. “Piers, can you say Free Palestine for me? Piers, can you say Free Palestine for me?”

“If you stop shouting, yeah,” Morgan replied.

“I want you to say it,” she interrupted.

“Yes, I’m happy to say—” Morgan began once again.

“Okay, okay, I’m not going to shout,” she interjected. “Mr. Piers Morgan, please say ‘Free Palestine.'”

“If you just keep quiet, I can answer your question. Yes, I’m very happy to say that—”

She interjected again: “I’m never quiet, Piers.”

After being interrupted two more times, Morgan finally managed a full sentence, saying: “You asked me to do something, if you don’t shut up I can’t give you the answer.”

“Alright, okay, I’ll shut up for you,” she replied.

Continued Morgan: “I absolutely believe that Palestine should be free, yes.”

Morgan’s willingness to meet the demand appeared to catch Crackhead Barney slightly off guard, causing a momentary pause before she began yelling again, saying: “Okay and how are we going to do that, Piers? Give us the answers, Piers Morgan, give us the fucking answers. How are we going to make Palestine free? How are we going to do it?”

“If it was as simple as me just giving an answer now, it would’ve been done by now, it’s a very complicated issue,” Morgan replied, before segueing into asking about her viral confrontation with Baldwin.

The confrontation—which was not Baldwin’s first with a pro-Palestine protester—prompted even Baldwin’s critics to take his side.

“Piers, I was maimed by a white man,” Crackhead Barney said, showcasing the full range of props she was donning such as her neck brace, crutch, arm sling, and limited clothing.

Morgan attempted to regain control of the segment, saying, “I understand you’re a performative artist, I understand you’re trying to make everybody laugh. You’ve made your joke about your terrible maiming.”

Crackhead Barney then went on to say that she had been beaten up by three white men—Baldwin, her boyfriend, and now Morgan, who she said was “beating me up on international TV.”

Morgan’s interview is drawing mixed reviews, with some praising the back-and-forth as entertaining while others criticized the journalist for giving Crackhead Barney more attention.

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*First Published: Apr 25, 2024, 10:26 am CDT