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Instagram will use AI to tackle anti-vax posts
Users seeking anti-vax content will be met with pop-up warnings.
Augmented reality is coming to Google Search
See what that couch looks like in your living room before buying it.
How to add GIFs, photos, and videos to your quote tweets
Twitter announced the new feature on Monday.
FBI takes down site that referred users to dark web drug markets
Site accused of generating millions of dollars by referring users to drug markets.
Ocasio-Cortez parody suspended by Twitter—and conservatives are fuming
@AOCPress pretended to be Ocasio Cortez's press office.
Everyone wants Dany to go full-on Mad Queen and burn down King’s Landing
After the latest 'Game of Thrones,' fans are out for blood.
Trump weighs in on ‘Kentuky’ Derby in bizarre tweet
The president tweeted—then deleted—his misspelling of the word.
‘Mean’ meme mocks what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s boyfriend looks like
A mean tweet calling him a 'bin raccoon' got the meme treatment.
How an Arby’s meme became our go-to way of goofing on oversharers
'Uh sir... do you even know where you are?'
Donald Trump Jr. implores followers to ‘fight back’ after Facebook bans far-right extremists
He suggested it won't be long before the 'purge' affects others with similar views.
Trump retweets a major QAnon account spreading Islamophobia
The account boasts that it has now been retweeted by the president nine times.