nyan cat

Photo via avatsaev

Finally, the TouchBar has a purpose.

Why is it that whenever a new piece of technology comes out, it instantly becomes just another platform for memes? Oh yeah, because memes are great. Here’s a MacBook with a Nyan Cat on its TouchBar. 


When Apple announced it line of new MacBooks last month, it positioned the TouchBar as its primary selling point. But it’s up to app makers and developers to actually find a useful way to implement the long slender touchscreen. 

One developer did just that, but his creation doesn’t enhance any apps or make the MacBook any more useful; it simply adds a great deal of charm to the device. Instead of populating the TouchBar with links or shortcuts to various features, the bar is completely taken over by a colorful, animate Nyan Cat. 

The creator, Vatsaev Aslan, has uploaded the code to GitHub, so anyone with a new MacBook Pro can give their new, pricey notebook some adorable flair. 

H/T BoingBoing

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