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Man destroys his iPhone 6 using the infernally sweet heat of boiling Coca-Cola

We don’t recommend this strategy for getting rid of your phone.


Alex La Ferla


Ever wonder what it would be like to boil your slick new iPhone 6 in some delicious Coca-Cola? If you said, “No, absolutely not. I’ve never wondered that,” our guess is you’re not the only one. Even so, now that you’re thinking about it, don’t you want to know what would happen?

We thought so. 

Spoiler alert: It doesn’t end well for the iPhone.

This ought to go without saying, but don’t try this at home.

You may watch this video and ask, “Why on Earth would someone do this?” or, “Why would someone BUY an iPhone just to do this?”

These are good questions, but the video has slightly under 2 million views, so we’re guessing the iPhone-destroyer can probably afford to buy a new phone with the display ad revenue alone.

In fact, this is just one of YouTube user TechRax‘s many destructive videos. He calls his channel “Your #1 Destination For Technology Mayhem,” and his other videos include some pretty gnarly, imaginative gadget deaths.

Screengrab via TechRax/YouTube

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