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6 easy ways to get more views and followers on Snapchat

Does your Snapchat get less action than a 40-year-old virgin? We can help.


Nia Wesley


Snapchat is an integral part of many millennial’s daily routine. Some like the play-by-play nature of the 24-hour story, while others appreciate the chatroom style messaging platform.

Today the 10-second video sharing service has more than 30 million active users that as whole are watching over 7 billion snaps per day. Millennials are the biggest demographic on the vlogging app, and many struggle with upping their following since the app has limited discovery avenues.

But there are a few ways to get your Snapchat up and popping. Check out these six tips to increase followers and views on your story.

1) Post everyday

If you want to increase your followers you’re going to need to post everyday. That doesn’t mean all day, but you need to put out content daily to remain relevant and frequently at the top of your friends’ timelines. Whether that be detailed posts about your day on campus or the cute coffee mug you sipped your French roast out of this morning, post something. You can’t expect to get followers if you’re not giving them anything to work with. Be consistent and keep them coming back.

2) Share your username/snap code on your other social media accounts

You should share your Snapchat username with your friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Maybe make a post with your favorite snap and caption it with your snapchat username requesting that they follow you. Also, sharing your snapcode will allow your other followers to screenshot it and add you by having the app scan their cameral roll for snapcodes. Crazy, right?

3) Exchange numbers more often

The primary way Snapchat connects you with other users is through the numbers in your phonebook. The app is tied to your phone number and was originally designed to be a close nit community app that would let you post your crazy night out and not worry about it being up forever. The more you exchange phone numbers, the more people will come up in your “add from address book tab” where the app links their usernames.

4) Interact

Interact with your followers. Snap back and forth with your boo. React to other people’s stories by sending them an instant message. The more snaps you post to your story and send directly to other users, the more points you get within the app. The more points you get, the more trophies you get, which unlocks new features as you go. And it’s more likely that the people you interact with will be on the lookout for your story.

5) Get creative

Enough with the 10 selfies in a row. Get creative with what you post. Find things in your day that are unique, visual, and alluring. Redundant posts will not increase your views. People will stop watching because they already know what to expect. A picture of your lunch that doesn’t even look that good,  a clip of what you’re currently binge-watching on Netflix, and maybe a cute snap of your dog if we’re lucky. Find things that are visually appealing like your view from the top floor of the office. Maybe share a few snaps explaining something crazy that happened to you in the parking lot. Post snaps when you’re hanging out with your friends. Some award-winning snaps can be created when you put a group of girls in a room with a bottle of wine.

6) Take advantage of the features in the app

Snapchat has given you everything you need to create an amazing production! You have multiple filters, geo-tags, video speed adjusters, and did I mention face-swap? Get selfie Lenses. Add 3D stickers. Enhance your videos and pictures with a flattering filter. Add text to your posts. Taking a picture of your new running shoes? Add the mph geotag on top of it. Create your own signature style with your snaps. In short, stylize what you post and show your personality.

These tips will help get the ball rolling on increasing your followers. And once they start rolling in, the numbers will just keep getting bigger. If you’re working on increasing your following for more than ego-stroking purposes, it’s important that you brand yourself and your content to the persona you want out there.

At the same time, it’s definitely important to ask yourself if you really want everybody keeping up with your every move on Snapchat. The more people you add on Snapchat, the longer your timeline gets, and the harder it is to zero in on the stories of people you actually care about.

All in all, building a strong following on any social media platform could open you up to a new world of opportunities, so you better get started.

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