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This app protects you from your drunken self

This app could save you so much hassle.


Alex La Ferla


Ever since the invention of the cell phone, revelers around the world have awoken the morning after a long night of drinking with not only a massive headache, but also a slew of embarrassing texts, phone calls, and pictures they wish they could take back. The Drunk Mode app, released in beta this month, might just be the best solution short of sobriety.

The free app essentially places your phone in a special drunk-behavior-resistant mode. On the one hand, it’ll be more difficult for you to place those ill-advised calls. On the other hand, it’ll be easier for you to keep track of the friends you were supposed to check out that new club with, but somehow misplaced along the way.

The app currently has three features: Stop Drunk Dialing, which hides certain pre-selected contacts from the user; Find My Drunk, a feature that keeps tabs on your drinking buddies via GPS; and Breadcrumbs, which keeps track of where you went the previous night. In February, the app will add a “Recovery Mode” feature that lets you view Snapchats sent the night before, along with your location when you sent them.

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Joshua Anton, the app’s creator, has marketed Drunk Mode as a tool to help young adults stay safe and make better decisions when they drink. “Students will party. This will not change. All we are trying to do is create an easy button for certain questions,” Anton explained to The Huffington Post.

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Users activate Drunk Mode when they decide to drink and set it for a time frame of between 3 and 12 hours. Drunk Mode can only be unlocked early if the user can solve an arithmetic problem.

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