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Conservatives couldn’t stand James Comey’s interview last night

The right's loudest voices are angry.


David Covucci


Published Apr 16, 2018   Updated May 21, 2021, 6:29 pm CDT

Former FBI director James Comey—who has become a figurehead of the anti-Trump movement ever since he was fired by the president—earned praise from the left for his interview with George Stephanopoulos last night.

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In it, he called President Donald Trump morally unfit to lead the nation.

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However, for those on the opposite ideological spectrum—especially those on the far-right—the Comey interview was everything that is wrong with both the left-leaning media and those in the highest echelons of government.


Comey, who has been accused by both sides of being petty in his book, A Higher Loyalty, was blasted for continuing to talk about Trump’s appearance with Stephanapolus.

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Comey’s response to Russia having compromising material on President Trump also was maddening to many as he vacillated—simply saying it’s “possible”—leaving a major issue extremely open-ended.


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Some also felt Comey brazenly admitted to illegal acts in the interview, which should be prosecuted.

That was a line echoed by the president this morning.

Sean Hannity, the most prominent conservative media personality of the Trump movement, was particularly upset about the line of questioning Comey received, believing it to be biased, and calling Stephanapolous an inappropriately sympathetic interviewer.

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Who Comey voted for was another line seized on by those on the far-right, especially when Comey revealed that his children would have liked to have seen Hillary Clinton win.


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Despite being enraged by it, conservatives also simultaneously dismissed it after it was over.



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*First Published: Apr 16, 2018, 1:41 pm CDT