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Jillian Price is a former editorial intern for the Daily Dot and current journalism graduate student at the University of Texas at Austin. She previously wrote for Reporting Texas, UT Austin’s School of Journalism online publication.

Man in front of screenshots of a DoorDash conversation

‘U can’t walk down to get ur order?’: DoorDash driver allegedly delivers to wrong address, tells customer to find order himself

The customer and Dasher then got into an argument about the delivery.

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A girl eating a sandwich.

Chick-fil-A worker shares ‘best secret things to order’ in viral TikTok

‘As a cfa employee, i can confirm these are amazing.’

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The Sha’Carri Richardson timeline

A more inclusive court of public opinion has her back.

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students at riverside high school, nicholas heald

‘You gon’ make a baby raise another baby?’: Anti-abortion protester argues with high school students in viral video

School staff are heard saying that they do not want the man there.

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woman tries to push against car, woman falls to the floor, man watches woman on floor

‘That was fake’: TikToker films woman allegedly faking injuries after trying to block car with her body

‘She forgot which ankle at the end’

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Black woman with vintage condenser mic over Spotify background with caption 'Viral Labor'

Without live performances, musicians rely on streaming services to stay afloat

When live shows shut down, Texas artists like Chief Cleopatra went online.

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‘I don’t think that’s how it works’: TikToker gives a negative tip due to bad service, dividing viewers

The TikToker assured it was a joke but that didn’t stop viewers’ outrage.

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A woman walking past another woman in a gym.

‘Humble yourself’: Gym ‘Karen’ mocked for complaining about fellow gym-goers interrupting her workout video

That didn’t go as planned.

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Two black men with their hands in the air.

‘They were afraid of them moving in’: Viral TikTok shows police handcuffing Black realtor, mistaking him for an intruder

A neighbor had called the police on the realtor and his client.

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A man on a cell phone.

‘The BS I had to deal with after a long day’: TikTok pharmacist says fellow Target employee called 911 on him

The employee didn’t believe the pharmacist was just doing his job.

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A Starbucks cup.

‘Just give them the blender at this point’: Starbucks worker shares order so ridiculous that it won’t fit in a cup

It’s a sugary nightmare.

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A woman on a sidewalk talking o somebody off camera.

‘I care about your soul’: Pastor berates passersby for being queer in viral TikTok

‘Why do you feel like it’s necessary to harass people on the street?’

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Two women talking together.

‘It’s a backhanded compliment’: Woman tells Black girl that braids make her look ‘old’

‘She could’ve said her hair looks pretty and left it at that.’

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A couple (L), an old woman with a dog (C), and a woman yelling (R).

‘Just trying to use the dog park’: TikTok shows confrontation between Black TIkToker and ‘Karen’ neighbor

‘There will always be a white person all up in your business.’

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A foos container (L), a hand written note (C), and police van (R).

‘This is personal’: DoorDash driver shoves graphic note inside Chipotle ordered by NYPD officer

A video posted on Facebook showed a DoorDash delivery driver placing a note, with his bare hands, in food ordered by an NYPD officer.

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