Claire Lampen

Claire Lampen is a lifestyle reporter who covers sex, gender, and reproductive rights. Formerly a Fulbright fellow, she has published work with Vogue, Gizmodo, Refinery29, Teen Vogue, the BBC, Vice, Marie Claire, and more.

white nationalist rally

Everything to know about the far-right ‘We the People’ rally in Philadelphia

Organizers say this isn’t a white nationalist rally, but it sure sounds like one.

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brett kavanaugh christine blasey ford

Hysterical men illustrate the profound imbalance in gender dynamics

If a woman fell into a full-scale meltdown in front of Congress, if she shrieked and spit the way multiple men did yesterday, we would not be having even a hypothetical conversation about her confirmation.

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Mazie Hirono quotes

11 times Mazie Hirono had zero f**ks to give

The Hawaii senator may just be our greatest feminist hero.

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indefinite detention

The Trump administration’s latest plan to detain immigrant children indefinitely should terrify you

Here’s how you can fight it.

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womens equality day 2018

How should we celebrate Women’s Equality Day in 2018?

Women’s Equality Day—slated for Aug. 26—has its origins in equal voting rights. So what kind of equality should we hope for?

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abstinence only education

It isn’t required in 19 states to teach teens about condoms

The abstinence-only sex ed agenda is only growing more dangerous under Trump.

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what is a sex worker

Here’s why sex work is legitimate work

Do not confuse it with ‘sex trafficking.’

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maurice rioli shirt and teespring copyright infringement

Apparel site Teespring will fill your closet with stolen designs

Artists are constantly reporting pirated work—and yet more just keep popping up on the site.

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open relationship

What it takes to make an open relationship work

Open relationships have nothing to do with being sneaky.

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how effective is pulling out

Sorry ‘organic’ sex lovers, but pulling out is still a terrible birth control method

Nice try, though.

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Brett Kavanaugh

Here’s how Brett Kavanaugh could undo Roe v. Wade

Trump and his SCOTUS pick have already made their intentions clear.

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person texting dtr

When and how to DTR, according to a dating expert

‘So, like, what are we?’

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keep families together protest

‘We will continue to fight’: The Family Separation Protest is still on for June 30

Trump’s executive order hasn’t changed a thing, say organizers.

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what is–abstinence

Understanding ‘abstinence,’ the Trump administration’s favorite sex-ed buzzword

Not everyone will agree on what just constitutes abstinence—or its benefits.

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Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions is hell-bent on keeping women unsafe

Denying asylum to domestic violence victims is par for his women-devaluing course.

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