Anna María

Anna María is a writer and artist whose work focuses on the intersections of geekdom, pop culture, and social justice. She’s been known to make color-coded ‘Silmarillion’ flash cards for fun.

A picture of Aabria Iyengar, the Game Master for Misfits and Magic, at the gaming table.

The Black creatives of Dimension 20’s ‘Misfits and Magic’ are redefining inclusivity in tabletop gaming

‘We’re going to swing big and try to tell the most story we can.’

On Jul 1, 2021 by Anna María

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‘Hunters’ review: Amazon’s Nazi-hunting series was a great idea, in theory

This Nazi-hunting romp is bold, but messy—and not just because of the gore.

On Feb 21, 2020 by Anna María

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Review: Netflix casts a lukewarm spell with ‘Luna Nera’

The series is a valiant attempt at a high fantasy epic, but it fails to deliver on some of its loftier promises.

On Feb 3, 2020 by Anna María

john boyega reylo tweet rey instagram comment

John Boyega cracks jokes about Rey, Kylo Ren—and faces racist backlash

One joke on Instagram prompted a maelstrom of criticism from aggressive stans.

On Jan 2, 2020 by Anna María

wrinkles the clown documentary review fantastic fest

‘Wrinkles the Clown’ is a compelling documentary with an infuriating twist

‘Wrinkles the Clown’ takes viewers on a clown-filled roller coaster ride that’s as funny as it is convoluted.

On Oct 11, 2019 by Anna María

the lodge 2019 movie review fantastic fest

‘The Lodge’ is the poster child for horror’s ableism problem

‘The Lodge’ demonizes mental illness, making the same mistake as countless other horror movies have since the dawn of the genre.

On Oct 4, 2019 by Anna María

in the tall grass netflix review fantastic fest

Netflix’s ‘In the Tall Grass’ is an ambitious exercise in misery

The film tries to join the ranks of beloved Stephen King adaptations—but it wanders just as much as its characters.

On Sep 24, 2019 by Anna María

nintendo direct september 2019

‘Pokémon,’ ‘Animal Crossing,’ ‘Smash,’ and more—here’s what you missed from September’s Nintendo Direct

Buckle up, gamers. This one was a doozy.

On Sep 4, 2019 by Anna María

harvey weinstein hulu documentary 2019 untouchable

‘Untouchable’ examines the power structures that led to Harvey Weinstein’s reign of terror

The Hulu documentary chronicles Weinstein’s pattern of abuse over several decades.

On Sep 2, 2019 by Anna María

brock before and after whitewash

Pokémon Masters isn’t the first game to whitewash Brock—but it’s the most obvious

Pokémon games have been whitewashing Brock for years.

On Aug 30, 2019 by Anna María

dear white people

‘Dear White People’ season 3 reflects the exhaustion of the times—for better or for worse

The Netflix series struggles to find itself in its third season.

On Aug 19, 2019 by Anna María

Tolkien movie review

‘Tolkien’ is an underwhelming attempt to depict an undepictable man

The biopic does its best to dramatize J.R.R. Tolkien’s life. It only partially succeeds.

On May 10, 2019 by Anna María

childfree community

How Reddit’s childfree community took a toxic turn from empowerment to parent shaming

Some redditors have lost sight of keeping the space safe.

On May 6, 2019 by Anna María


PewDiePie’s alt-right ties are impossible to ignore

After New Zealand, the world’s biggest YouTube star is out of excuses.

On Mar 18, 2019 by Anna María

Second Age - Lord of the Rings Amazon Prime series

What you need to know about the Second Age of ‘Lord of the Rings’

Tolkien’s lore is vast and complicated. This is the short version.

On Mar 12, 2019 by Anna María

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