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Wendy Davis

Twitter BirdsYour Twitter hashtag is probably useless
For a platform that limits you to 140 characters, why waste the space?
Jon Stewart and Guests21 of Jon Stewart's best political interviews on 'The Daily Show'
He skewered American politics for 16 years. Here are some of his best high-profile chats.
bg05.jpg (JPEG Image, 1400 × 933 pixels)Has the Internet already gotten bored with Wendy Davis?
The Texas state senator fell short in her first online fundraising push.
imgur: the simple image sharer9 things you could have done during Ted Cruz's 20-hour speech
You could have driven from Washington, D.C., to Cruz’s home state of Texas.
imgur: the simple image sharerTed Cruz's fauxlibuster tangents, ranked by germaneness
Where can you find references to Star Wars, White Castle, and Dr. Seuss all in one place? On the floor of the United States Senate, of course.
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