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ashley madison Online dating is a scam
Ashley Madison doesn't want you to get lucky. It wants you to keep coming back.
if you don't want to appear as a mutual friend in dating apps, unfriend your Hinging friends. Dating apps like Hinge and Tinder use you as a matchmaker without your permission
Your face could influence two people's decision to date.
senior citizens tinder 2 What happens when senior citizens use Tinder for the first time
Some things about dating have changed, but some haven't.
Before/After in-phone retouching Beauty vlogger goes makeup-free to show how shallow men on Tinder can be
One woman's social experiment confirms what a lot of us online daters already know.
Tinder logos creating fire Tinder, Trump, and the perils of Twitter tantrums
For an app built around rejection, Tinder just can't handle it.
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