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Bumble and Spotify logo mashup Bumble to start displaying users' Spotify faves
Have you listened to Duncan Sheik's 'Barely Breathing' 15 times in a row?
bubbie advice This grandma's Tinder advice is really on point
Listen to your bubbie.
YouCollab is the 'Tinder for YouTube' New YouCollab app is described as 'Tinder for YouTubers'
The beta version will be released June 16.
teens texting Tinder bans users under 18 starting next week
Tinder said dropping teens was about 'responsibility.'
Transgender symbol pattern Tinder changes gender options to improve experience for trans users
Transgender singles long alienated by Tinder may now feel more welcome.
tinder vape 13-year-old on Tinder just wants to vape and chill
Would you swipe right?