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‘It’s giving Joe Goldberg’: Tenant says apartment security officer impersonated a cop, hit on her after they failed to match on Tinder

‘He’s impersonating a cop and he thinks he’s a nice guy?’


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A woman says her apartment’s security guard impersonated a cop just to hit on her after they did not match on Tinder.

In a viral TikTok video with over 424,000 views, user Lo (@lohojpg) told a very strange story about a close encounter with a man who just could not accept rejection.

It all started with a stitch of another video about pesto sauce.

“Call me crazy if you want but I never liked store bought pesto,” the user said in that video.

Lo, hilariously, responded with a story that had very little to do with the green pasta sauce.

“My apartment complex hired a robo cop to do security in the mornings,” she began her response.

Apparently the man patrolled the parking lot near her building and even tried to wave at her while she was enjoying some coffee on her balcony one morning. However, she didn’t return the gesture because she did not want to be acquainted. That did not stop him from still trying to pursue her and in a very odd way.

One day, she was leaving the complex to go to work when she said he followed her vehicle. After passing a couple of stop signs, that’s when, according to the TikToker, things got very strange.

“And the rent-a-cop turns on what looks like to be Christmas lights,” Lo said. “They were white and red twinkling lights.”

The man wanted her to pull over. She believed he was a police officer, so she did.

“He’s gonna ask for license and registration,” the woman recalled. “But he asked me why did I run those two stop signs.”

After going back and forth with the security guard over whether or not she ran the stop signs, he threatened to give her a ticket.

“And I just said ‘ok’,” she said.

Immediately, the security guard backed down from his threat.

“I’m a nice officer today, so I’ll just let you go,” he reportedly said.

That’s when he launched into a spiel about being hired by her apartment complex to “watch out for people speeding and running stop signs.” And he even brought up the fact that the woman never waved back at him when he first initiated contact with her.

That’s when the woman had enough.

“Can I have your badge number?” She shot back.

He began to stutter and stammer, unable to answer the basic request. And the revelation finally hit her that he was not, in fact, a cop.

“This is not a cop,” she said. “So I roll my window up and speed off.”

The story, however, did not end there.

Later that day, Lo received a message from the man on Instagram. He slid into her direct messages on Instagram after failing to match with her on Tinder.

“I thought this would be a great way for us to connect,” the man supposedly wrote. “You seem like a cool girl.”

He also claimed to be a “really nice guy” and offered to buy her a beer one day.

Per the TikToker’s account, the messages continued, becoming increasingly disturbing.

“I have a heart of steel, and I know you’ll love me,” one read. “Plus now I know where you live.”

Her response was straight to the point.

“I sent back that I would be alerting authorities,” she said. “And I never heard from him since.”

The conclusion of the video finally made a tie in to pest sauce.

“Pesto is not the best to me,” she said. “It’s always a little salty or tastes like aluminum.”

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The Daily Dot reached out to Lois via email for comment. We will update this story should she respond.

In the comments section, many marveled at the intricacies of the story and had questions.

“Glad you scared him off,” user Kim Possible (@kpurple12) wrote. “Stay vigilant Queen! Also I was rolling when you addressed the store-bought pesto.”

“He’s impersonating a cop and he thinks he’s a nice guy?????” user @tianataylor975 asked.

Others had more serious concerns.

“Did you report him to police or building management/did they handle him?” user Rayshel (@rayshelo) asked.

“Sure did!” Lo responded.

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