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Stephen Hawking is right—the AI arms race is already here
And humans may be powerless to stop it.
abstract Google logoGoogle's new Timeline feature is a terrifying reminder to turn your location off right now
This may sound like paranoia, but some of us have learned the hard way that it’s the only way to stay alive.
George Washington Emoji painting9 iconic moments and quotes, retold in emoji
Happy World Emoji Day! Can you guess these translated moments?
Upset man with iphone in handsThis new smartphone app wants to help diagnose depression
Purple Robot is an Android app by a team from Northwestern University.
selfie stickMan films pickpocket stealing his cell phone while using a selfie stick
For once, the selfie stick isn't the biggest infraction.
Ellen PaoThe problem with the backlash against Reddit's CEO that nobody’s talking about
The Ellen Pao criticism is about more than her job performance.
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