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Microsoft is teaching computers how to laugh at New Yorker cartoons
Its artificial intelligence algorithm closely approximates a human sense of humor.
Eagles are the latest, weirdest threat to high-flying drones
Melbourne Aerial Video got more than it bargained for when their aerial camera encountered an eagle.
In the future, we might turn everything into a solar panel
Ubiquitous Energy is changing the nature of what we think can be used to collect energy from the sun.
This maddening video game makes you the only driver in a world of self-driving cars
You're going to hate-love a free game called Error-Prone.
Stephen Hawking is right—the AI arms race is already here
And humans may be powerless to stop it.
abstract Google logo Google's new Timeline feature is a terrifying reminder to turn your location off right now
This may sound like paranoia, but some of us have learned the hard way that it’s the only way to stay alive.