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glitched illustration of a beautiful woman shh-ing the viewer The Ashley Madison documents you weren't supposed to see
Some of the files where obviously never intended to be public.
Barrett Brown Stills from a YouTube Posting Barrett Brown sentenced to 63 months in prison
He'll likely spend a total of two more years in jail.
undefined An FBI informant led hacks against 30 countries—now we know which ones
Here's an unredacted version of Jeremy Hammond’s sentencing memorandum drafted by the Daily Dot
STRATFOR-2.png (1440×720) Massive security flaws allowed for Stratfor hack, leaked report reveals
A previously unreleased audit by Verizon Business found that Stratfor failed to meet industry standards for cybersecurity. 
sdg.jpg (1583×1011) How an FBI informant orchestrated the Stratfor hack
Previously unseen chat logs reveal that Hector “Sabu” Monsegur—not Jeremy Hammond—instigated the infamous cyberattack. 
lulzsecsegur FBI informant-hacker Sabu has sentencing delayed for 7th time
Maybe the eighth time's a charm?