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colbert sanders Bernie Sanders explained to Stephen Colbert why he's not just a liberal Donald Trump
There's a big difference, he says, and it has nothing to do with policy.
bill o'reilly trump sanders Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are the same person, says Bill O'Reilly
We can't say we entirely disagree.
key and peele excessive celebration Key and Peele brought excessive pelvic thrusts back on the 'Late Show'
HIngle McCringleberry's celebrations have only gotten more out of control.
dr phil twitter advice Stephen Colbert and Dr. Phil answered Twitter users' pressing questions
It went about as well as you'd expect.
donald trump debate late show Donald Trump vs. Donald Trump is the 2016 GOP debate we've been waiting for
‘Right out of the gate there’s a strong difference of opinion between our one candidate.’
Danielle Brooks gym Danielle Brooks explains the story behind her inspirational shirtless gym selfie
Her fans were not only grateful: they sent her shirtless photos of their own.