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game of thrones dragon shooting out a fiery HBO logo George R.R. Martin denies report of a 'Game of Thrones' movie
A report claimed the movie would be a prequel.
jon snow The death of the TV twist
What is dead may never die.
Sarah Jessica Parker on Amazon logo Why you need to watch 'Sex and the City' all over again
Just in case you're still unsure if you want to.
a tv displaying a static screen with the HBO logo 10 years later, do we still need 'Project Greenlight'?
Reality television and filmmaking have both changed for the better since 'Project Greenlight' was last on television.
Project Greenlight HBO's 'Project Greenlight' is coming back
Mattfleck is back.
Silicon Valley Firefox founder one-ups 'Silicon Valley' with his own hilarious script
Nicely done, Blake Ross. Let's hope HBO is paying attention.