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‘Such a little baby’: Larry David’s rant dubbing Trump a ‘sociopath’ quickly goes viral

He did not hold back. At all.


Katherine Huggins


Posted on Mar 28, 2024   Updated on Apr 2, 2024, 11:14 am CDT

It’s no secret that comedian Larry David is no fan of former President Donald Trump.

The Curb Your Enthusiasm creator previously mocked the president’s red “Make America Great Again” hats as a “people repellant” and reportedly screamed at lawyer Alan Dershowitz for his ties to Trump during a grocery store confrontation in 2021.

But a CNN interview Wednesday night revealed just how over Trump the comedian is.

“I mean you can’t go a day without thinking about what he’s done to this country because he’s such a little baby, that he’s thrown 250 years of democracy out the window by not accepting the [2020] results,” David told CNN’s Chris Wallace.

“I mean it’s so crazy, he’s such a sociopath,” he continued. “He’s so insane. He just couldn’t admit to losing. And we know he lost. He knows he lost. And look how he’s fooled everybody. He’s convinced all these people that he didn’t lose. He’s a such a sick man. He’s so sick.”

The rant quickly went viral on X, with more than 23,000 posts weighing in on the matter as of Thursday morning, with Trump supporters quick to put his remarks on blast.

“Another Hoolyweirdo, Larry David whines about Trump, resorting to name-calling but can’t even articulate what Trump did wrong,” wrote one account. “People like him don’t give a fvck about peasants like us.”

“Larry David says that he cannot go a single day without thinking about Trump,” wrote another pro-Trump account. “So he thinks about Trump every single day and thinks this is normal. Trump lives rent free in these people’s heads. It’s comical. Why is Hollywood, a place that continues to be exposed for its pedophilic and corrupt ways, so obsessed with hating Donald Trump?”

“These dipsh*ts cannot name one concrete example how,” wrote someone else. “At least not one that stands up to scrutiny. They all have a toddler’s mentality. Pure emoting. No rational thought. Perfect brainwashing case subjects.”

Joked another critic: “I’m Curbing My Enthusiasm for Larry David….”

That’s not to say that criticism of his remarks is the only reason the clip has gone viral.

“Larry David is a national treasure,” one person wrote in a post that has garnered nearly 5,000 likes.

“Larry David has triggered MAGA, and it’s glorious,” posted someone else.

“Larry David is all of us,” quipped another person.

David has long been vocal about his political views.

Last September, he confronted Elon Musk for criticizing the Democratic party, asking him, “Do you want to just murder kids in schools?”

Federal Election Commission records show that David contributed to former President Barack Obama in 2008, as well as a number of Democratic Senate candidates running in swing elections.

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*First Published: Mar 28, 2024, 12:45 pm CDT