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Daft Punk Get Lucky Why social media wants to manipulate you into getting lucky
“If you use the Internet, you’re the subject of hundreds of experiments at any given time, on every site... That’s how websites work.”
Screen_Shot_2014-02-19_at_6.57.02_AM.png (1070×607) Here's the Pharrell mashup to end all Pharrell mashups
Pomplamoose’s new jam is called “Happy Get Lucky.”
russian_daft_punk.jpg (1272×617) The best Daft Punk cover you'll hear today comes from Russian policemen
Quelling LGBT protests gets pretty boring after a while. 
undefined College kid takes over undie run to make a killer "Get Lucky" parody video
This rendition of Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" has truly captures the essence of the song: a lot of half-naked young people.
Pharrell's Twitter Account Is The Best Self-Help Calendar Ever | NOISEY Pharrell's Twitter account is the best self-help calendar ever
With quotes from Bill Nye, Gandhi, Frank Carpara and countless others, Pharrell's Twitter feed will leave you inspired. 
zTmnd9i.jpg (JPEG Image, 847×465 pixels) Watch 5 pianists "Get Lucky" at the same time
Don't worry, it's just an awesome Daft Punk cover.