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five eyes

Old Typewriter with Person in Background NSA surveillance is changing what journalists in democracies feel comfortable reporting
Another sign that the NSA has gone too far.
new zealand flag in pupil It costs New Zealand $103 million to be part of Five Eyes spy alliance
That's nothing compared to what the other countries contribute.
Angela_Merkel_in_Slovenia_2011_(12).jpg (3680×2598) Who's on NSA's list of 122 heads of state to track?
We only know 11 of the 122. But No. 9 is the NSA's old favorite, German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
rSXsy2h.jpg (1024×512) This new Snowden leak will scare you away from 'free' airport Wi-Fi
One of Canada’s top spy agencies reportedly tested powerful surveillance software over a two-week period at a major airport.  
imgur: the simple image sharer NSA's malware spreads to 50,000 computer networks worldwide
The agency has digital "sleeper cells" in every corner of the globe.
All sizes | UK & USA Flags - Dot Matrix | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Did the NSA agree to let Britain spy on U.S. citizens?
In 1946, the U.S. and Britain agreed not to spy on one another. Both countries do it anyway.