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ashley madison Online dating is a scam
Ashley Madison doesn't want you to get lucky. It wants you to keep coming back.
Survey: Men hate literally everything but sex
These hobbies include volunteering, watching TV, and 'using the computer.'
If Tinder advertised like eHarmony Parody ad gives Tinder the eHarmony treatment
'I don't think anyone should ever give up on finding the perfect one night stand...'
fred durst and neil clark warren Fred Durst is now directing commercials for eHarmony
Durst is eHarmony's millennial whisperer. 
heart balloons Online dates keep complaining to the FTC
More than 2,3000 complaints have been filed against online dating sites to the Federal Trade Commission in recent years, according to Freedom of Information Act requests by MuckRock. 
eharmony bad date Lying with a little help from eHarmony
Beth Cook weighs in on how to get out of a bad date.