Parody ad gives Tinder the eHarmony treatment

Happy couples embracing on a white background, talking about how a dating site brought them together for longterm love. That’s the advertising trope for most online dating companies, but what about hookup apps like Tinder? What would Tinder say about itself if it was advertised just like eHarmony?

A parody video from comedy channel Scotch Moses gives us a look. The “happy” couples elaborate: “When you’re swiping left and right, you’re not really thinking about what you want or who you are.” The fictional Dr. Tinder pipes in, “All these other dating sites ask you all these questions about your ‘personality.’ At Tinder, we’re on a binary scale. We just show you a couple pictures and ask, ‘would you hit it?'”

Get to swiping, and let Dr. Tinder find you the less-than-perfect one night stand. Or, you can have a machine do the swiping for you.

Screengrab via Scotch Moses/YouTube

Rae Votta

Rae Votta

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