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A purrfect remix of “eHarmony Video Bio”

How do you top the comic gold of “eHarmony Video Bio”? Turn it into a danceable pop confection.


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Internet Culture

Remember “Debbie,” the eHarmony user who loved cats so much they brought her to tears? Her supposed video introduction to the dating service was the viral video of the week last month.

Despite the obvious signs it was a gag, people wondered if “Debbie,” a character played by YouTuber Cara Hartmann, was for real. She wasn’t: Hartmann has posted several other comic works on her hartmanncara account. What they should have been asking: How can you possibly top this?

Here’s how: Now “eHarmony Video Bio” is a song, “Can’t Hug Every Cat”, cementing Hartmann’s place in the viral hall of fame. The remixed video, with Auto-Tuned lyrics, has references to every famous cat video on YouTube, from Keyboard Cat on down:

The Gregory Brothers, the same group that does “Auto-Tune the News”, have used their magic to turn Hartmann’s words into a song. (The work is, in part, an effort to promote an app that “songifies” any spoken words.)

We are living in the future, indeed.

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