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screenshot from the mobile game tap that 'Tap That': The mobile game promising to make sex ed cool
Over half of U.S. states don't mandate sex ed. That's where 'Tap That' comes in.
netflix and chill condoms Finally, you can order some Netflix and Chill condoms
Why not Netflix and Pill?
Women in hats having a conversation The viral video smear campaign against Planned Parenthood is a war on poor women
If the hackers succeed, low-income women will be forced to pay a price they can’t afford.
Nunz with gunz U.S. court rules that religious nonprofits can't block access to birth control
Some people REALLY don't like contraception.
birth control If you don't think birth control matters, learn how #BirthControlHelpedMe
Millions of women take birth control every day, but no one talks about it. Planned Parenthood wants to change that.