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Confessions of a catfish
The Kernel
Confessions of a catfish
I was alone and unloved. So I became someone else.
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abstract art of facebook logo Man convicted of rape after catfishing victims with fake Facebook profile
You never really know who you're talking to online.
nev schulman 'Catfish' star Nev Schulman thinks you should quit the Internet
In Schulman's world, you’re the star of MTV’s most popular show or you stock shelves for minimum wage.
Green Beret | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Man allegedly stole dead soldier's identity to pick up girls online
A still-grieving family uncovers an unthinkable con.
7444329652_a79f7d3675_o.jpg (1063×597) If JLo is asking for sexy pictures of you, it's because you're being catfished
He’s probably pretty excited about his upcoming business venture with a Nigerian prince, though.