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Call of Duty Black Ops 3 lead art Big changes come to Call of Duty esports heading into 2016
MLG is stepping back as the game's developer steps forward.
CoD Black Ops 3 First Black Ops 3 tournament will be hosted at the MLG arena—but broadcast on Twitch
After years of conflict, MLG and Twitch are working together in the new installment of Call of Duty.
Hearthstone world championships Mike Sepso on Activision Blizzard's new esports division (and why StarCraft is like baseball)
Can Activision Blizzard make sports fans care about esports?
Team Revenge at CoD Champs Team eLevate sign Call of Duty Champs runner-ups to one year contracts
They aim to keep the same roster for a full year, a rarity in Call of Duty.
call of duty in-game art MarkyB: 'A lot of good European [CoD] players are better than the best Americans'
Call of Duty stands out as an esport dominated by American teams and players.