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anita sarkeesian

A troll without a cause
Donald Trump is the Internet’s anti-PC culture come home to roost.
80s cell phone donald trump The case of Gawker vs. Donald Trump shows when it's OK to dox someone
If you want to give Donald Trump a call, it's OK by me.
donald trump speaking to an audience It's never, ever OK to release someone's personal information
Dear Donald Trump—giving out Lindsey Graham's phone number was the worst kind of trolling.
game controllers hanging from wooden rack What the Internet can learn about sexism from India's women gamers
Swimming through a sea of hate just comes with the territory.
Anita Sarkeesian turns her sights on positive portrayals of women in video games
Jade from Beyond Good & Evil is 'an active, practical, young woman of color who has a job to do.'
'Feminist Lisa Frank' attacks patriarchy with unicorns, rainbows
Only '90s kids remember, but all kids need this.