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glitched image of computer It's time for Americans to #TakeCTRL of their privacy
If the federal government won't do it, then states will.
glitched image of keys ACLU slams new proposed encryption commission
The ACLU claims a new cyber commission would be a step in the wrong direction.
President Obama's face made of zeroes and ones Save Crypto petition passes 100,000 signatures, adding pressure on White House
Privacy advocates are making their voices heard.
computer monitor with a lock on the screen Twitter, Dropbox, ACLU petition White House to back strong encryption
The fight for private communication continues.
internet-decentralized.jpg (1440×720) Judge will hear debate over NSA spying on Americans' overseas communications
The NSA will argue to have the case dismissed.
Politiwoops uploads its 1.1 mil tweets to Int. Archive Politwoops preserves its 1.1 million tweets with the Internet Archive
The duplicity of politicians endureth forever.