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Chelsea Manning Chelsea Manning appeals 'unjust' 35-year sentence
'No whistleblower in American history has been sentenced this harshly.'
illustration of a phone taking a selfie with a guy next to a ballot paper on its screen Bans on ballot selfies violate the First Amendment—and common sense
We must remain vigilant against attacks on online speech—even in the voting booth.
memo from the department of justice with the words blacked out Justice Department spars with Sen. Ron Wyden, ACLU over secret legal memo
The government called a U.S. senator's argument 'wholly erroneous.'
Hooded Abu Ghraib prisoner standing on box The battle for justice against the psychologists who helped the CIA torture detainees
This is the furthest a case involving the CIA’s use of torture has gotten in the courts.
Transgender rest room sign Federal court sides with trans teen in battle over Virginia bathrooms
The ruling may be felt in other states.
People holding anti-abortion signs Indiana's anti-abortion governor faces more than onslaught of period blood photos
The ACLU and Planned Parenthood have filed a federal lawsuit against his restrictive abortion bill.