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Hooded Abu Ghraib prisoner standing on box The battle for justice against the psychologists who helped the CIA torture detainees
This is the furthest a case involving the CIA’s use of torture has gotten in the courts.
Transgender rest room sign Federal court sides with trans teen in battle over Virginia bathrooms
The ruling may be felt in other states.
People holding anti-abortion signs Indiana's anti-abortion governor faces more than onslaught of period blood photos
The ACLU and Planned Parenthood have filed a federal lawsuit against his restrictive abortion bill.
Papers laid out to spell 'crypto' on a table Senate bill effectively bans strong encryption
The measure is sure to face an uphill battle in Congress, where privacy activists are poised to fight back.
glitched image of code FBI's new iPhone exploit raises old questions about software vulnerability disclosure
The FBI says they have found a way into the San Bernardino shooter's phone. But should they tell Apple how they did it?
image of a lgbt flag North Carolina sued in federal court over anti-LGBT law
The lawsuit accuses the state of violating the Constitution's equal protection amendment.