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‘Return it when you don’t like it anymore’: Costco shopper returns couch after 2 years. She got a full refund

'With no receipt...'


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Posted on Jan 25, 2024   Updated on Jan 25, 2024, 7:53 am CST

Alongside low prices and high wages for workers, Costco lovers have something else that keeps them coming back to the store: Costco’s generous return policy.

While other stores put harsh limitations on returns, Costco offers its members a flexible return policy—a fact that continues to surprise internet users.

Over the years, numerous videos regarding the policy have caused a stir. For example, last year, a user on TikTok sparked discussion after claiming that they were able to return a mattress after 2 years of use. Earlier this year, another user documented people returning their Christmas trees after the holiday season. Employees themselves have even gotten in on this trend, making videos showing the many items that can be returned to Costco with ease.

Now, another Costco customer has joined the conversation after sharing their story of returning a couch after 2 years of use.

In a video with over 1.2 million views, TikTok user Jackie (@xojacckss) shows the process of returning the couch from start to finish.

Before the return, she describes her mental state as “nervous,” saying that she felt intimidated given how long it had been since the purchase. Though, Jackie also noted that Costco has an “awesome return policy.”

“Buy your furniture from Costco, girl,” she says in the video. “You can return it when you don’t like it anymore.”

In the end, she says she was easily able to return the couch without a receipt by telling the worker the exact date she bought it. 

“And she goes, ‘OK, cool.’ And that was it,” Jackie recalls. “She just asked me if there was anything wrong with it, or [if] I just didn’t want it or like it anymore. And I said I just didn’t like it anymore—we just don’t like the color anymore. And they gave us our full refund to his card.”

@xojacckss Returning my couch to costco ✨ #costcoreturns #costcotiktok #costco ♬ original sound – JackieNguyen

Per Costco’s website, the store’s return policy is expansive, offering returns over long periods for most items. Still, Jackie advises confirming whether a return is valid on the website before attempting to bring an item back to the store. Especially if it’s as large as a couch.

In a follow-up video, Jackie reveals that she made sure the return would be okay with the store before she tried to bring it back.

@xojacckss Replying to @Lola🌙 i hopw this helpa you guys but Costco really is the best :)) #costcoreturns #costco ♬ original sound – JackieNguyen

In a later follow-up, she says she was told the couch would either be donated, resold, given back to the manufacturer for a tax credit, or refurbished.

Jackie also says that you will only be refunded your original purchase price. In her case, she originally purchased her couch for $900, but the couch was still on sale for around $1500. She was refunded $900—which she then used to buy another couch from Costco.

“They got the money back, like, the same day,” she laughs.

The Daily Dot reached out to Costco via its media relations contact form and Jackie via email.

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*First Published: Jan 25, 2024, 9:00 am CST