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‘My grandma returned a year old plant that died on her. She got her money back’: Costco customers return 2-year-old mattress

‘We don’t deserve Costco’s return policy.’


Braden Bjella


Costco has a famously lenient return policy. While there are some limitations on items like electronics, the company’s website states that “We guarantee your satisfaction on every product we sell, and will refund your purchase price.”

This means that customers have found success returning items that, in other stores, will have well exceeded their return date. In 2021, a user on TikTok and Costco employee noted this, saying that the company could potentially accept a return for 5-year-old bedsheets.

Naturally, the discovery of this refund policy has excited TikTokers, with some venturing to the store to try to return their own used goods.

One such TikTok creator was user Yuliana (@yuli_luna11.11). In a video with over 1.4 million views, she documents the experience of successfully returning a 2-year-old mattress to Costco.

@yuli_luna11.11 We saw on tiktok we can return a mattress anytime so we did lol i love costco policy !!! #dirtymattress @Costco Wholesale ♬ Tomfoolery – David Snell

The video shows Yuliana and another person attempting to fit their mattress into a cart before bringing it into the store. The caption reveals that she learned about this return policy via TikTok.

Once they’re in the store, they have little trouble returning the mattress. They must only put the mattress into a bag and pass a spot check for stains, which they easily do. 

By the end of the video, they’ve received their $200 back in exchange for the old bed, which they say they will put toward a new one.

In the comments section, users were amazed by this return policy.

“We dont deserve Costco’s return policy,” wrote one user.

“I remember seeing someone a 3 year old couch and they got refund,” claimed another.

“My grandma returned a year old plant that died on her,” alleged a third. “she got her money back.”

While some accused Yuliana of taking advantage of the policy, others noted that her actions were explicitly covered by Costco’s return policy—and if they weren’t, the store could have easily refused the return.

As she put it in a comment, “it wouldn’t be a policy if it wasn’t allowed.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Costco via media inquiry form and Yuliana via TikTok comment.

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