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You could have driven from Washington, D.C., to Cruz’s home state of Texas.

In the time it took Republican Senator Ted Cruz to address the United States Senate, you could have driven from Washington, D.C., to Cruz’s home state of Texas.

On September 24 and September 25, Republican Senator Ted Cruz took to the Senate floor for more than 20 straight hours. He used his abnormally lengthy amount of time to protest President Obama's healthcare reform bill—and also to read his children a bedtime story. During the speech, which was technically not an attempt at a filibuster, the White House Press Corps tweeted a reminder of just how much time his words consumed.

Here are some other activities you could have done while waiting for Cruz to stop talking. You could…

1) Watch at least three Super Bowl games, possibly four.

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2) Fully cook 80 pounds of bacon.

GIF via xxatomicskyxx/Tumblr

3) Fly nonstop from New York City to Tokyo.

GIF via liveforled/Tumblr

4) Watch the first two seasons of Breaking Bad.


GIF via entediadoateamorte/Tumblr

5) At an average reading speed of 300 words per minute, read more than half of the Bible.

GIF via insanecreed/Tumblr

6) At an average typing speed of 40 words per minute, write the entire Animal Farm novel.

GIF via denofthepsycho/Tumblr

7) Perform “Gangnam Style,” in its entirety, roughly 300 times.

GIF via fuckyeahgangnamstyle/Tumblr

8) Listen to the entire soundtrack of the Rocky Horror Picture Show roughly 25 times.

GIF via vousvoulez/Tumblr

9) If you're this woman, you could make 300 sandwiches—and then get married.

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