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The trucks are a metaphor, or something.

Amateur gymnast, Enya fan, and Republican congressional candidate Mike Collins took to YouTube this week with his own version of the “Epic Split,” a stunt pulled off by martial artist Jean-Claude Van Damme for a recent Volvo commercial. Collins’s video gained more than 6,000 views when it was posted on Tuesday and takes on President Barack Obama's signature healthcare law.

Collins is the son of former Georgia Rep. Mac Collins and is running in the state's 10th congressional district; the Republican primary is in May. Collins also owns his own trucking company, which is featured prominently in the ad, where he stands and balances on two moving trucks. With Enya's “Only Time” playing in the background, Collins talks about the struggles of being a small business in the era of Obamacare. Apparently, standing between the moving trucks is a metaphor, or something like that.

“What you see is a small businessman confronted with Obamacare, a disastrous government plan,” he says.

While Collins' version is interesting (though nowhere near as funny as some of these spoofs), it's got nothing on the original Volvo Dynamic Steering ad by Van Damme, which came out in November and has racked up more than 57 million views. Collins has a ways to go to catch up.

Screengrab via YouTube

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