The drone-catching drone is here to keep the skies safe from drones

drone drones

Photo via Airspace Systems

Airspace Systems has a backup plan.

From delivering pizzas to flying over concerts to scanning your local skies, drones are more prevalent than ever. The folks at Airspace Systems believe the end result of all this drone expansion is the inevitable reality of bad actor drones. Drones controlled by unscrupulous users who will try to skyjack deliveries from companies. Their answer: drone-catching drones. 

Welcome to the drone wars.

Airspace Systems' defense drone disables other drones without destroying them by utilizing a Kevlar net. The net, which fires from the bottom of the drone, is designed to not blow backward upon deployment, allowing the firing drone to stay stable. Once caught in the Kevlar net a heavier interception drone comes out to pick up the threat for removal to another location.

You can see the drone-catching drone in action below.

H/T Boing Boing
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