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Cat in a shark costume on a roomba chases a duck 7 viral videos you can now freely license for commercials
VideoSpring just made these classic clips free for commercial use.
Ric Flair Groom enters wedding ceremony awesomely blaring Ric Flair's entrance music
But we have 3 problems with the video.
sexting irl What sexting would be like if you did it IRL
It's awkward. Very awkward.
norwegian body builders Norwegian bodybuilders enjoy visiting miniature village and feeling bigger
These bodybuilders look like giants in the tiny town of Lilleputthammer.
We're true believers of this floating Zimbabwean prophet
You will forsake your own god when you see this video.
Whales with a paddle boarder Whales vibe with paddle boarder, drone films beautiful birds-eye perspective
Sometimes, whales just want to hang out with humans.