Greek restaurant offers 20 percent discount to Bitcoin users

The decade in internet scamming
From Yahoo boys to Caroline Calloway, scammers were a big part of the 2010s.

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Greece’s economy is in crisis mode, and many are wondering if Greek citizens will turn to digital currencies. One Athenian restaurateur is testing out that theory by offering a 20 percent discount to anyone paying with Bitcoin

Nikos Houtas has accepted Bitcoin at his restaurant for a few years. “Bitcoin has the potential to be successful in Greece,” he recently told Coindesk. “We need more stores to accept bitcoin and to offer a discount for bitcoin payments.” 

Houtas hopes that by accepting the currency, he is able to teach more people about it.

Screenshot via Facebook

He also held a Reddit AMA last week in which he revealed the steep discount. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be drawing too many customers. He wrote that only 68 customers have paid him in Bitcoin since 2012. 

Screenshot via Reddit

At least one Bitcoin enthusiast has documented the experience on Twitter.

For the record, Houtas is pro-E.U. deal. And it seems his Bitcoin dreams were not gold.

Photo via BTC Keychain/Flickr (CC BY ND 2.0)

Jaya Saxena

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