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Uplift logo pattern Uplift wants to educate the YouTube community about abuse
It starts out as an Internet fandom fairy tale.
adam sandler performaning chanuka song pt. 4 live Adam Sandler releases yet another 'Chanukah Song'
The holiday tradition is back.
Slipknot Heavy metal Christmas lights sync up to Slipknot and Disturbed
Devil horns go great with Christmas.
meerkat about to fall off rock Take 7 seconds and watch this sleeping meerkat fall off a rock
For those about to fall off a rock, we salute you.
500 days of summer These are the 10 most overused movie sets in Hollywood
'500 Days of Summer,' meet 'Old School.'
Scooter from The Muppets Eminem mashup proves Scooter is the most underrated Muppet
Kids today don't appreciate Scooter the way they should.