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‘No one has the range’ for this meme

People are comparing actors who have 'range'. Obviously, Tatiana Maslany is on the list.


Stacey Ritzen


Posted on Feb 19, 2020   Updated on Feb 21, 2020, 2:09 pm CST

What exactly are the qualities that make a great actor? Is it a good stage or vocal presence? Or perhaps having the creative insight, paired with the confidence, energy, and dedication to perform? Or, is the sign of a great actor the ability to slip seamlessly into the skin of a litany of diverse characters—to the extent that the line between actor and character becomes completely blurred to the audience? While there may be no definitive answer, a new “no one has the range” meme making its way around Film Twitter makes a pretty solid case for the latter point.

It’s unclear exactly where this meme started, but the conceit is fairly simple. A user takes a number of still images of an actor or actress (typically four, which is the maximum number Twitter allows) and then tweets it with “no one has the range” or “the range” or some variation of the phrase.

As you can see from the following examples, many are using the meme to denote some of the most iconic actors of our generation, such as Adam Driver, Brie Larson and Mary Elizabeth Winstead (in the same tweet!), and Christian Bale.

Not at all surprisingly, Academy Award-winning actress Cate Blanchett has gotten several nods in the “no one has the range” meme. “She INVENTED THE RANGE,” tweeted one fan.

As did Johnny Depp, rather unfortunately:

Not to mention Tatiana Maslany from Orphan Black. Heck, this meme was practically made for her!

And of course, some people got rather silly with it—evoking the range of performances by comedians such as Amy Poehler and Eddie Murphy, as well as Tim Robinson stills from I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson.


Although the “no one has the range” meme has not fully branched into the absurd territory, it’s getting there. Take, for example, this tweet roasting, shall we say, enthusiastic sports fans:

When it comes to acting, comedy, and so many other things in life—apparently, you either have the range or you don’t.


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*First Published: Feb 19, 2020, 5:21 pm CST