Disney unveils Trump’s Hall of Presidents statue—and it’s the stuff of nightmares


It was a moment we knew had to come, but desperately hoped wouldn’t.

After a year of renovations, Disney reopened the Magic Kingdom’s Hall of Presidents in Orlando to unveil its animatronic Donald Trump. Now, visitors don’t exactly flock to the 46-year-old attraction for its dynamic presentation and flawless representation of U.S. leaders past and present, but Twitter quickly reached the consensus that Disney hit an all-time low with this Trump installment.

I mean, look at the thing.

Photo via Dre/Twitter

Unfortunately, Hall of Presidents attendees also have to listen to it, despite a widely circulated petition to keep the 45th president’s mouth shut in the exhibit. Rather than make racist remarks about Mexicans or his lewd, sexually predatory comments about women, robo-Trump dutifully rattles off meaningless cliches, such as, “From the beginning, America has been a nation defined by its people.”

Twitter users quickly noted 45-bot’s uncanny resemblance to actor Jon Voight, who won an Academy Award for best leading actor as a paraplegic Vietnam veteran in the 1978 film Coming Home. (Would Trump consider Voight’s character a hero? Hard to say.)

Others noted how disdainfully the presidents of yore view him while he delivers his monologue.

And some accused him of sexually harassing or attempting to deport other Disney characters inside the Magic Kingdom.

Watch Trump’s Hall of Presidents speech below.

And here it is played over the president’s infamous Access Hollywood tape.

Bryan Rolli

Bryan Rolli

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