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Everyone’s making their own T-shirts with this TikTok hack

People say it really works.


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TikTok has seen some strange viral trends.

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic forcing us all indoors, however, people have less opportunity to take part in ill-advised—and often dangerous—viral challenges. Instead of breaking each other’s skulls or licking toilet seats, TikTokkers stuck at home are taking part in a much tamer trend: making T-shirts.

Bored out of their minds as they practice social distancing, TikTok’s user base suddenly loves the “T-shirt hack.” Bonus: If you can pull it off, you’ll come out the other side with a delightful new top.

If you believe a video posted by TikTok user Jake Polino, it’s actually quite easy.


TikTok T-shirt challenge: How to make your own

  • All you’ll need is a plain white shirt, a working color printer, cling wrap, parchment paper, and an iron. Once you have all your supplies, it’s time to search for the perfect image online.
  • Picture found, you’ll need to print it off and remove all hints of the white borders. Once finished, place the image face down on a square of cling wrap. Take the edges of the wrap and fold them over the back of the picture, like you’re wrapping up leftovers for the fridge.
  • With your picture wrapped, it’s time for the final step. Place your picture face-up where you’d like it to be on the shirt. Then put a sheet of parchment paper over the top and iron it on the highest setting for about five minutes. When your five minutes (ish) are up, peel off the still-hot parchment paper and voila! Your T-shirt just got a serious upgrade.

Does it really work?

Polino’s video has been making the rounds online, picking up interest as it goes. Unsurprisingly, the short tutorial is inspiring a lot of people to try out the T-shirt hack. “Definitely works,” one Twitter user announced alongside a video of their completed attempt.


Not everyone managed to pull the effort off effectively, however. Soon, photos and videos of failed attempts joined their successful counterparts in the comments. “Somebody trying explain to me why it doesn’t work,” one person wrote. “I follow every detail exactly and all that happens is the paper becomes laminated by the wrap. No part of it sticks to the shirt?????”

While almost everyone in the comments was intrigued by the T-shirt hack, many had their doubts about its efficacy. “I’m guessing when you wash it the printed paper falls apart and the ink falls off,” one person said. “If not, when you dry it, the plastic wrap adhesive melts away and ruins the load.”


This isn’t the first shirt-related hack TikTok has seen. Several other trends have made their way to the platform, teaching users to repurpose old shirts.

Polino, for his part, is using his quarantine time to re-do his closet. He posted another T-shirt alteration video soon after his first began making waves on the platform. In this one, he uses bleach to enhance a plain Trippie Red shirt.

At least someone is staying productive through this quarantine.



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